Search Anywhere in Android from Your Homescreen with This Handy Widget

Android may have Google search pre-installed, but it still lacks some functionality when searching inside specific apps/sites. Fortunately, a new app lets you set up alternative searches for popular sites like YouTube, Wikipedia, IMDB, Maps, etc.

Called “Custom Search Bar Widget”, the app exists as a separate widget on your home screen. It is basically an easy, instant way of searching for something in a specific place. For example, you can search for a specific song right inside YouTube, instead of making a Google search and then navigating to it. Similarly, you can directly search for a location inside Maps.


The widget is also fully customizable, letting you tweak its look, design, and feel according to your own preferences.There is a whole range of looks and styles built in but you can also create your own combination. It lets you adjust the background, text colors, the icons in the search bar, outline color and strength, drawer placement, and shadow too.

You can even add your own set of search engines by clicking on the “+” icon. It will give you some suggestions but if you want to search on a site that isn’t listed, just add your own link by replacing the %s placeholder. For example, you can search on ProPakistani by using this link,"

CSBW is available on the Google Play Store for free. There is also a Pro version of the app which comes with more features and a Pixel-like search widget.

Download Custom Search Bar Widget for Android

Android is known being a fun, customizable operating system as opposed to Apple’s locked-down, albeit smoother and easier-to-use, iOS. As a result, Google lets developers play around with tools much more freely, as in the case of this Custom Search Bar Widget.