Google Earth VR Lets You Travel Around the World Without Leaving Your Seat

Google is introducing Google Earth VR, which will enable you to travel across the world and experience everything you may never be able to otherwise.

Google Earth has taken virtual reality to new heights with this innovative application. It lets you explore the world from a totally new perspectives in virtual reality.  Through this, you can stand on top of Mount Everest, peak or fly over cities or explore the Antarctic ocean. You can explore the outer space as well.

The use of Google Earth VR is simple, much similar to Google Maps; You can grab the globe, zoom in and out anywhere, and see finer details as you zoom closer to any location.


Google Earth VR offers featured places to visit, along with some pre-stored destinations and your custom saved list.


The menu offers various options such as changing view, zooming in or out and flying over selected destination.


The world can be scary since it is so big, which is why Google has integrated cinematic tours and hand-picked destinations to allow its users the best possible experience.

Pre-loaded coordinates appear in a simple menu interface, and new users will want to warp around the Earth with these for some of the application’s most spectacular locations like the Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Mount Fuji, Stonehenge or even some of the outer-space locations.

To download Google Earth VR, visit the Steam store.

Note: Currently, the service is only available for HTC Vive but Google promises to launch Earth VR across all platforms by next year.

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