PIA Flight Diverted to Manchester After Passengers Choke Toilet

Every now and then, something comical happens in Pakistan which becomes a sensation on the international stage. While on that topic, yesterday, a Pakistan International Airline (PIA) was forced to make an emergency stop due to clogged toilets.

It was reported that “someone had thrown something solid” down the toilet, which affected the performance of all the toilet system as all the toilets are connected with a common drain line.

The toilets on PIA flight PKR-798 became clogged as a result. And this resulted in the flight making an emergency landing.

The PIA chairman, Muhammad Azam Saigol, was bitter over the incident and said,

“I am of the view that passengers need to strictly adhere to and carefully read the warning signs in the toilets!”

The PIA flight PKR-798 left Toronto and was headed towards Lahore when the problem in the toilet was discovered. At that time, the flight was 200 miles from Manchester.

The spokesperson of PIA tweeted this to shed more light on the situation.

The flight took an hour to re-route and reach the destination, and was on the ground for three hours before it was ready to take off again. Eventually, the passengers reached Lahore with a five hour delay.

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  • Don’t you know there are cameras?

    Technology shift.. I didn’t mean to grab it hard, at least they can track, sometimes people do silly things by will, and tell you ignorance of law has no excuse, you have to bear the consequences.

    And there is no hard thing they fit in toilets, except few disposable glass to use water if you need..

    Take things light.. Viewers here.. I was not harsh at all. Rather a suggestion. Rather a good suggestion for him her in later life.

    The thing is we as citizens abuse things so obviously(majority) so this can be one of incident.

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