NASA Reveals List of Plants That Can Help Clean The Air in Your Homes

As today’s environment is getting more and more polluted, a healthy home environment is becoming more crucial as well as it effects our well-being directly. NASA just conducted a study on this topic and found out about a number of plants which can be used to help remove harmful chemicals in the air such as ammonia, xylene, benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. These chemicals are well known to cause headaches, eye irritation and other ill effects.

This study was actually led by DR. B. C. around 27 years ago and it’s results concluded that The Florist’s mum and Peace Lilly are the best choices for this purpose. NASA suggests to have at least one of the mentioned plants per 100 square feet.

What Our Air Contains and How It Effects Us

Lets take a look at what particles are present in the air we breath and what harmful effect they can have on human bodies:

 harmful chemicals in the air

List Of Plants Which Help In Cleaning It

Its a good idea to have these plants in your surroundings in order to make the air breathable and the environment safer.



Keeping in mind how a smog has enveloped Lahore in recent days, and how mega projects from the government have resulted in a reduced forest cover in Punjab, these plants may help in keeping our environment breathable and clean.

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