Telegram Introduces Telegraph, its Blogging Platform

Earlier this year it was announced by the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, that they just hit 100 million active users, and now the app is stepping up from being just a messaging app to being a blogging app as well.

Telegram has just launched a new featured called Telegraph. It’s quite fast and instant since it does not require making an account or any kind of signing in. Simply visit the website and start typing in whatever. Once you’re finished, hit publish and your content is immediately on the web.

Telegraph Features

The interface of the app is strikingly similar to Medium and Quip (similar blogging apps) and it allows for easy embeds. Creating a post requires almost no time and with few limitations.


You create a title for your post, enter in someone’s name as the author, and start typing. You can also embed images from your computer by clicking the camera button, or videos from YouTube or Vimeo and tweets from Twitter as well just by adding the link.

The posts are shareable on other social media platforms but are designed to work best on Telegram’s new Instant View layout.

Instant View Will Feel As Familiar As Facebook Instant Articles

Telegram Instant

In another news, Telegram also debuted Instant View, a new feature similar to Facebook’s Instant Articles and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This feature improves article load timings greatly. It also added a way to search any chat of your choice by date, allowing you to go back to any of your desired moments from the chat.

Differences from Others

When compared to Medium, the loading time for embeds is fairly faster and publishing is instantaneous as well. Since it doesn’t need your signing in or making an account, it is different from Medium given that you aren’t able to catalog your past work or assign them into collections.

Each post has a dedicated web address following the format of “[title]-[date of publishing]”

You can only edit your published content if your computer has stored cookies for it. You will not be able to do so if you clear your cache, view it in incognito mode, or access it from another device.

  • Telegram is my only most favourite IM App. I love how they introduce unique important features and little fun things that does’nt matter but are owsum. Whatsapp is slowly copying All Telegram features but months later. One thing I m waiting for is Voice callng in telegram.

  • People should learn that Telegram is the best chat im out there, for both work and normal uses with powerful features, this app introduced features much before facebook and whatsapp or google allo etc.

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