PIA Flight, With Shahid Afridi and Four Parliamentarians, Catches Fire

One Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight caught fire in which Shahid Khan Afridi and four members of  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly were present.

The incident took place on Thursday at Bacha Khan Airport. The sources reported that the flight number was PK-535.

Luckily, there were no causalities reported and the only trouble faced by the passengers was the delay caused by the incident.

The four members of the KP assembly present on the flight were Yaseen Khalil, Dina Naz, Zahid Durrani and Amna Safdar, according to the sources.

PIA’s Response

PIA refuted the situation and refused to claim that it was something serious. PIA spokesperson Daniyal Gilani said that these are mere allegations. He said that the real reason for the slight issue was that the aircraft’s automatic system stopped working.

He also claimed that had there been a fire, the fire alarm would have rang.

The aircraft is currently being inspected for further assess the danger and will be operational soon if nothing too serious is wrong.

However, it remains to be seen whether remarks made by Daniyal Gilani are right or just a smokescreen to deflect the situation.

The passengers are also yet to make a statement as to why they had reasons to believe that it was a fire outbreak and not a technical flaw.

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  • Dear ProPakistani – I have a lot of respect for your publications but this one put me off a little bit: Can you please stop making this a post about Afridi and parliamentarians? The other people in the plane were equally important. Please just focus on the fact that the plane caught fire. Thanks.

  • If the spokesperson told it was another issue. Then why you wrote fire as headline. Stop click baiting and defaming PIA.

  • Look at the image you used and what the actual news was. You don’t need to do that, ProPakistani readers will regularly visit the blog no matter what but using such cheap click bait tactics will only cause disappointment.

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