Canadian Phone Maker Eyes Entry Into Pakistani Market

K-Mobile, a Toronto based Mobile phone firm founded by a Pakistani Canadian, is currently evaluating possibilities of expanding its business to Pakistan, we have learned.

K-Mobile is known for its quality Android devices, tailored for low-end segments.

Mr. Shami Munir, the Founder and President of K-Mobile, along with other business exectives, visited Pakistan and spoke with relevent stakeholders to assess the Pakistani market and chances of bringing K-Mobile in Pakistan.

The specifics have not been spelt out right now, but signs indicate that if all goes well, K-Mobile will be bringing their range of Smartphones in Pakistan.

Mr. Shami was quoted as saying:

“Over the past 17 years, I have launched several companies in Canada in the telecommunications industry. Having immigrated from Pakistan, I am eager to explore these Canadian-Pakistan business opportunities and look for valuable synergies”.

K-Mobile President said this during a seminar hosted by Canada Pakistan Business Council (CPBC) and the Government of Ontario’s Ministry of International Trade.

K-Mobile president said that Canadian companies like K-Mobile have expertise to enhance ICT connections between Pakistan and Canada.

“With a Canadian-Pakistani Diaspora of 300,000 individuals and Pakistan consumer base of 50 million, there is a great opportunity to leverage a new business-to-business collaboration.”

The K-Mobile company is a multi-million dollar venture and a dependable telecom service provider in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. K-Mobile’s retail stores provide customers with smartphones and phone plans. The company aims to open up a lot more of these stores by 2018.

Earlier this year in August 2016, K-Mobile also launched a well-received and elegant smartphone, the K2. This Smartphone is one of the best options out there with an appropriate price range for the features and specifications it packs.

via Yahoo

  • “Our best android device yet” written on their website. With 2050 mah battery power, can they claim their best phone yet?? having octa-core processor with larger battery cell phones are available in Pakistan already.

  • Welcome to Pakistan, News entrants like Kmobile and Xiaomi will increase competition resulting competitive price for consumers, a dent on QMobile’s monopoly in entry-level sets.

  • K-Mobile, Huh?! Heard for the first time, and that’s coming from someone who lives just .. literally 10 mins drive away. Good luck in Pakistan though.

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