IDC Predicts Complete Domination of Android, Followed By iOS in 2020

IDC has revealed its latest report on the smartphone market in 2016 and yet again, the major story concerned is the rise of Android, as opposed to the competition.

For one, IDC reckons the industry’s sales will slow their growth to a crumble, down to just 0.6-percent. Only last year, we saw sales growth of 10.4-percent. Overall, sales will hit 1.45 billion units a year. Out of that 4G Smartphones will comprise around 1.17 billion units, with sizeable gains achieved mainly in emerging markets.


In the case of operating systems, Android continued to reign above others with an 85-percent market share, thanks to shipments of 1.22 billion smartphones. The biggest incident by far was Google’s own entry into the fray with the Pixel smartphones, and it is yet to be determined whether they’ll impact its relations with other manufacturers or remain in as a sort of friendly competition which Surface products are.

iOS ranked second with a share of 14.3-percent even though its shipments fell by 11-percent, making it the first year in iPhone’s history of yearly shipment declines. It can hardly be expected to rest its laurels, however, with the iPhone set to reach its 10thanniversary next year and bringing a barrage of rumours as always.

Others hardly fared as well, though. Windows Phone saw just 6.1 million units being moved, gaining a 0.4-percent market share, while BlackBerry, Tizen and more were merged in “Others” to earn a 0.3-percent market share.

By 2020, IDC reckons Apple and Google will wipe out all the other operating systems in the market including Windows Phone and BlackBerry, which is ironic since it was IDC itself which predicted a 20-percent market share for Windows Phone not long ago.

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