3G/4G Users in Pakistan Reach 35.5 Million

The number of 3G and 4G users in Pakistan reached 35.45 million at the end of October 2016, official documents of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) available with ProPakistani revealed.

Mobile phone users in Pakistan reached 134.91 million by end October 2016, up from 134.41 million a month ago at the end of September 2016, registering an increase of around 0.5 million cellular subscribers during the period.

The documents further revealed that Ufone 3G subscribers decreased from 5,297,543 in September to 5,245,299 by end October 2016.

According to the PTA data, the number of 3G subscribes of Mobilink, Zong, and Telenor reached 11.78 million, 6.68 million and 9.24 million respectively by end October 2016 against 10.955 million, 6.66 million and 9.11 million by end September.

Warid LTE subscribers reached 599785 by end October against 577275 during this period.

The number of 4G (Zong) users jumped from 1,713,900 subscribers in September 2016 to 1,903,285 subscribers by end October 2016.

Mobile teledensity reached 69.22 per cent and Broadband subscribers increased to 35,446,843 during the period under review.

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  • Ufone on its course to become Second Warid. After complete merger with PTCL next year Ufone will become more useless. RIP Ufone

  • Ufone when it was first time launched in Pakistan it had a great service as well as performance. The people had felt proud to get the ufone sim. After some time, few new mobile companies came in the market, however, ufone maintained its reputation and credibility even it had a great challenges and competition with giant companies but this had been competing them well. For few last years, the ufone’s performance and services are showing downward trends. Now the people do not get the interest in ufone having no access of signal in many areas or due to some other issues. As I have observed there are some administrative problems or issues while running the company. It should be studied and reviewed to its weaknesses and the employees who are working in ufone should be kept only those who are competent. Honestly speaking, some influential people or hidden powers want to spoil the ufone intentionally. Ufone is a proud and asset of Pakistan it should not be treated badly.

      • Fahim Bhai its different than Warid LTE. Warid LTE was operating @ 2100mhz 3.5 ghz static band. And this LTE is operating @ 1800 mhz 10 ghz non static band. Warid will also use this when their maping of integration completely done.

        • You may be right but we get mobilink 4G signals from warid towers. This is for sure…. even staff in mobilink franchise told me the same…. jahan mobilink k 2G and 3G signals bhi thek nhe ate wahan 4G full hte hn as warid coverage in that area is strong

          • Thats True. Their contract of Merger allow them to use their BTS sites. Qnd that is the only reason Warid will soon offer 3G coverage from Mobilink Towers. And they both are going to reduce the sites to 30% as well.

      • 3G sucks now a days but LTE is awesome till now. Day time its about 2 MBPs actual download speed and at night its 1 MBPs. But w should not forget that there is almost no traffic of LTE because of limited users got their 4g sim cards. So when the users will increase no one can predict its efficiency. I am in Johar town Lahore.

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