PIA Flight from Chitral to Islamabad Crashes Near Abbotabad [Live]

PIA flight 661 from Chitral to Islamabad with 42 passengers, 5 crew members and 1 flight engineer onboard has crashed near Havelian, Abbotabad, officials have confirmed.

The PIA flight in question, PK661 was an ATR plane.

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Flight manifest shows that 31 men, 9 women and 2 infants were on-board the flght 661. Junaid Jamshed, 52, along with wife Naheed Jamshed, also were on-board.

Control tower is said to have received a brief distress call before flight 661 went silent, indicating that aircraft underwent some technical challenge.

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PIA661 took off from Chitral at 3:50 and was due to land at Islamabad Airport at or around 4:50. However, while enroute to Benazir Bhuttor International Airport, it crashed at around 4:40 near Havelian, just minutes before it could reach its destination.

PIA spokesperson Daniyal Gilani confirmed the crash.

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  • Pakistan is duly in urgent need of better Domestic Airlines. After Airblue Flight 202 which crashed on 28th July 2010 at Margalla Hills, killing all 146 passengers and six crew on board. It is yet another deadliest air accident to occur in Pakistan to date [7th Dec 2016]. Still what happened with AirBlue was not a mechanical failure, it happened due to a series of bad decisions taken by senior Pilot and final confusions led the plane into the hills.
    Mechanical error is a BIG question..! No one can save a plane having engine failure except Allah.

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