ROZEE.PK Launches Employer Verification

ROZEE.PK recently launched Verification Badges for all employers using its website, bringing an added layer of security to the information of over 6.5 million professionals registered on the service.

ROZEE.PK’s founder and CEO, Monis Rahman, explained the motivation behind this addition, “ROZEE.PK takes verification of all employers that post jobs on our site very seriously. Some employers do not provide their complete information including CNIC or government issued identification and therefore our support team is not able to verify their identity. These employers are listen on ROZEE.PK as “Unverified”. Discretion should be used when applying to jobs of unverified employers.”

The new feature can be seen on all posted jobs and company pages on ROZEE.PK, appearing as a green “Verified” badge for all authenticated organizations and a yellow “Unverified” badge for companies that have yet to provide the relevant information. Speaking on the additional benefits of this feature, Monis Rahman stated, “A verified badge instills confidence in job seekers and attracts more, quality candidates to connect with your organization. It’s a win-win for both professionals and companies.”

As Pakistan’s largest online recruitment platform, ROZEE.PK is used by over 75,000 employers and 6.5 million professionals. Since its inception, the ROZEE.PK platform has facilitated over 1 million job placements and has the largest database of searchable CVs in Pakistan.

The company has operations across both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia where its platforms match talent with opportunity.

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