Another ATR Plane Catches Fire During Take Off in Multan

PIA’s PK581, operating from Multan to Karachi, caught fire during engine ignition, TV channels are reporting.

All 48 passengers on-board were evacuated safely.

Early reports are suggesting that one of the engine caught fire during push-back and when engine was being ignited.

Fire fighters quickly responded to the situation and controlled the fire after which all passengers and crew members were evacuated safely .

There were 48 passengers on-board the flight PK581.

PIA Spokesperson, however, refuted the reports and said that neither of the engines caught fire. Without citing the reason, the spokesperson said that pilot decided not to take off and brought the plane back to parking bay.

PIA spokesperson, in a statement, further confirmed that plane has been ground temporarily as a precautionary measure.

This is second incident hitting PIA’s ATRs with-in one week. Earlier an ATR plane, PK661, crashed near Havelian after pilot reported an engine failure. No one had survived the crash as 42 passengers and 5 crew members died during the accident.

PIA has said that Safety Investigation Board is in process of investigating the crash and that nothing can be said with certainty about the reasons behind PK661 crash.

This is Getting Serious

Pakistani flyers, who are left with few options to travel domestically, are calling for effective measures as PIA has failed to assure them the safe travels.

CAA Grounds All ATRs Until Full Check Ups

Following Multan’s incident today, Civil Aviation Authority has taken a decision of holding shakedown tests of PIA’s entire ATR fleet, and for that PIA’s all 10 ATRs will be grounded till a go ahead is given by CAA.

Until full inspection, PIA is directed to ground all ATR planes that are considered the back-bone of PIA’s domestic operations.

This suspension of ATR operation will particularly affect PIA’s flight operation to smaller airports like Gwadar, Turbat, Panjgur, Moenjodaro, Zhob, Bahawalpur, DG Khan, Chitral and Gilgit.


  • This all is game to shift blame to ATR … It is considered to be one of the safest planes because it flies at relatively lower altitude and even if you shut down the engines, it has the capability to glide. The real reasons of earlier crash will only be known after the investigations are completed. Every machine requires maintenance and if its not carried out, you cant blame the manufacturer or fail the model.

    • No it is not the safest. It is cheap ass plane and most likely it was purchased in a background of bribery

      • Do you not think before you post a comment or what?
        Provide some evidence to back up your claim of this being a cheap ass plane.
        Yes, it is cheaper to operate for PIA and is used for domestic routes where it would be expensive to run a 777 or an A330.

        Jasim is right, even if the engines on an ATR fail, it can glide since the wings are on top of the fuselage.

  • BS Article to kill PIA. I can tell by looking at this picture that tire braked caught on fire can happen to any airlines.

    • This picture isn’t a picture of the incident that occurred in Multan.
      This is from when the ATR skidded off the runway in Lahore a few years ago. Landing gear failed, probably due to lack of maintenance on PIA’s part.

    • Again, not the fault of the plane, but lack of thorough maintenance on the airlines part.

      And just FYI, all ATRs have been grounded by CAA.

  • Govt. Wants to privatize PIA. Maintenance of Aircraft is only happening on papers only as mainly practiced in all Govt. Organizations. After panama now planes issue is in media. After they got what they want from thi issue we will hear an other great incident.
    Pakistan Zindabad.

  • Maybe these incidents are clearing ground so that coming new airline has a head start and snatch routes which will be difficult if PIA operates on them. Seems fishy.

    P.S my condolences are with crash victims and i am seriously upset about the state of affairs in once world class PIA. So no clean chit for them. However, we cannot ignore the possibilities.

  • Dear Propakistani,
    Stop mongering fear in travelers. It’s not really your job to report such unconfirmed reports. the plane in picture is an old picture of the same which crashed in Havelian. So Please cut the crap. I just travelled thrice already since that crash.

    • bhai tere sath hadsa nahi huwa is liye PIA/Govt ko support kar rahay ho? suppose Allah na kary tumhari family k kisi member k sath hadsa ho jaye tab bhi PIA/Govt ko support karogy na?

    • Unconfirmed reports? Every news channel reported this incident. What do you mean by old picture? Whether that one is old or not, this event did take place a day ago. I don’t know what you are trying to achieve here but the main issue is that these ATRs badly require maintenance by the look of it.

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