Chairman PIA Resigns Amid PK661 Crash Investigation

Azam Saigol, Chairman PIA, resigned late night yesterday, citing personal reasons as the cause behind his decision.

His resignation came at a time when PK661 crash investigations are underway as international and local bodies are trying to determine the reasons behind the PK661 crash.

PIA spokesperson confirmed the resignation but said that reasons are personal.

It should be mentioned that Mr. Saigol was chairman PIA since May 2016.

Pressure for his resignations grew soon after the PK661 crash as media, particularly social media, raised voice against the airline for not maintaining its planes as per international standards.

Syed Khursheed Shah, the Opposition Leader in Parliament, had also demanded the firing of the Chairman PIA.

“Don’t let him resign, fire him away immediately” – Mr. Khursheed Shah

Not to mention, soon after the PK661 crash, another ATR plane caught fire back in Multan, after which all 10 ATRs operated by PIA were grounded.

PIA has said that these planes are temporarily suspended for a complete check-up.

  • I appreciate the decision of Chairman PIA as he rendered his resignation on personal basis and he is going to convey a positive tradition and example for next Chairman and other responsible officers. Khursheed Shah, opposition leader also demanded the resignation of Chairman. It is good if someone does not perform his duties should be fired and given opportunity to some one else who can perform well on the seat. But this example should not only be applied in bureaucracy or government offices but this tradition should be for all including for politicians as well. There are number of such ministers who are not performing well and such people should be fired or such people themselves should give the resignation.

  • Wonder what Khursheed shah is doing with Sindh beside looting and corruption. Looks who’s saying this about PIA, PPP is also involved in the destruction of airline, compromised hiring on political basis and many other way of doing corruption leads PIA to death…

  • Mr. Saigol has done the honourable thing by taking responsibility for organisational failures. Question is, will Mr. Khursheed Shah resign from his party position if PPP is found wanting in implementing its manifesto and safeguarding the life and property of the citizens in Sindh? Or will the other politicians/rulers uphold the principles they preach?

  • The truth of the matter from someone who knows the Board of Directors of PIA very well is that
    Azam Saigol never wanted this position. Unlike the media massacre of his character, the gentleman refused the position 5 times, and only when forced by the government itself after sudden resignation of Mr. Jaffer of Jaffer Brother did he take the positon. He drew only Rs 1 as salary (for legal purposes it was Rs 1 otherwise it’d be zero). He paid for his own tickets even for PIA related meetings. He never drew any perks at all. His own brother Mian Rafique Saigol turned around PIA and restored it to the top airline (
    His resignation has nothing to do with the crash or technical issues. He always requested for no compromise at all on engineering or technology. He wanted to upgrade the airlines and the new 777s to replace PIAs ageing fleet was his and the Board of Director idea. They got it at a very attractive lease from Sri Lankan airlines which had leased them 1 year ago.
    His resignation is due to the simple fact that the airline is overburdened with debt and with over employment and without any political will to tackle either one. You can ask this from any Director on PIA board. He has been trying to resign for about 3 months now even before other character assassination stories challenging his political appointment. His biggest blunder is that he caved in and took the thankless job in the first place and tried to resurrect overburdened airline.

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