PIA Says Generator on One of its Planes Stopped Working Just Before Takeoff in Jeddah

Pakistan International Airline faced yet another incident last night when flight PK-740 from Jeddah to Multan was delayed. This was due to reports that the airliner’s generator stopped working just before take off.

Initial reports had said that a fire broke out, and that might have caused the delay. But PIA clarified that it was a malfunctioning generator that caused the problem.

The flight was aborted and the plane was brought back to the parking bay for checkup. All passengers were safely evacuated and brought back to the lounge as the plane needed maintenance work before continuing its flight.

PIA spokesperson confirmed the incident and said that same plane would be operated after rectification of the issue.

PIA sources said that PK740 ultimately took off from Jeddah after several hours and safely landed in Multan early morning today.

  • It seems like a crazy theory but I think maybe for some personal gain they’re doing it on purpose, maybe to handover PIA to a third party or something… I mean after so many years why suddenly incidents start happening on frequent basis so suddenly? Go figure…

    • Have to agree here, 3 incidents in one month? Albeit one of them was far more serious than the other two, but something fishy is going on here.
      However, we could just be being paranoid and this is all probably a result of no maintenance or not so thorough maintenance.

      Also, correct me if I’m wrong, it’s called an APU, not a generator.

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