PIA Sacrifices Black Goat Before Resuming ATR Flight Operation

It seems that Pakistan International Airlines just can’t get a break these days.

The national carrier is facing multiple challenges to its public image these days, most of it overwhelming negative. The airline is facing record losses, trying to revamp its image, coming under fire for selling an aircraft for peanuts, and reeling over the crash of the PK-661.

But just when you think that PIA’s public image won’t go any below than it already is, along comes a new development that manages to do just that.

After a spate of incidents involving ATR airplanes at PIA, some over-enthusiastic employees at the national carrier tried to turn to other non-conventional techniques to turn its woeful fortunes around.

A handful of PIA employees sacrificed a black goat as sadqa, in a  bid to seek divine blessings. The sacrificial routine was covered by media organizations and before anyone knew it, the story became quite the talk of the country.

Pakistani social media, as usual, had a lot to say about it.

Here are what people are saying about the whole episode.



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      • But now Nawaz hakumat is responsible for maintaining PIA to provide us secure services, but it can’t.

        • and how can any government do it in 3 years, buying the old ATR was not his decision, his decisions were to sell PIA out but then again everyone including the PIA staff came out to protest

            • Reportedly (as per newspapers) Rs. one billion released for new heli for CM Punjaab, while PIA has Rs. 20 K for change of fortunes, the only thing u can do with 20K is slaughter a goat.

          • if they stop making there living more and more luxurious, we can spend that money for some good.Buying new heli , making VIP plane for visits, and many other stuff is not a good step.

    • Bus Nawaz Sharif na raha tou ye mulk din dugni raat chugni taraqi karay ga…sab burai khatam, log farishtay ho jayen gy.. Sab burai ki jaar ye banda ha.. Bani Gala mai [email protected] ho ya Zardari ka maal..

      • Pakputtan k mazar k “behshati darwaze” se guzarne wala Niazi kya doodh ka dulha hey? KPK kitna taraqi kar raha hey wo nazar aa hi raha hey.
        Is liye ziada paadney ki zaroorat nhi.

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