Pakistani Cinema Owners Throw Away Self Imposed Ban on Indian movies

On 30th September, Pakistani cinema owners decided that they would stop showing Bollywood content in cinemas to show unity, after India banned various Pakistani actors and singers in India amidst the increasing political and military tensions between the neighbors.

However, the suspension has now been lifted by the cinema owners and they will resume the screening of Indian movies after the self-imposed ban that lasted a little over two months.

Speaking to the media outlets, Nadeem H. Mandviwalla, Chief Executive of Mandviwalla Entertainment said,

Our stance, even when we had taken this decision, we called it a suspension. And suspensions are always temporary. As the temporary period has passed, now we’re ending the ban. Now the screening process is going to be resumed.

“The message that we were trying to send to India has been conveyed,” he remarked.

The cinema owners emphasized that the relationships between Pakistan and India have not come to an end despite tense relations between both countries.

“The hostility and those feelings on both sides have also cooled down. Collectively, we have taken a decision…because we were the ones who stopped it, it is our job to bring it back to normalcy,” said Mandviwalla.

Observers are saying that the decision to reopen screening of Indian films was brought forward by the cinema owners because of the widespread losses and lack of shows that they were facing post-ban. The owners of cineplexes stated that their investment into upgrading their cinemas would be going to waste if the people don’t even bother watching movies.

Reactions to the re-opening and screening of Indian movies were mixed. Some citizens applauded the move, while others were furious at the move.

”Indian movies should be banned. Because our own cinema is quite good, but we do not promote it ourselves,” said a cinema goer.

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  • Truth is our film industry is good but cuurently not capable to lift cineplex’s burden on its shoulders. We are making less films according to the demand of cineplexes. Releasing 1 or 2 films per month cannot run cineplex business, and our growing film industry need more and more family cinemas, and for which we need bollywood films, atleast for 5 more years if not permanently.
    Baqi patriotism ka munjjan india aur pak dono myn hath k hath bikta hai.

    • Paskitan ma koi patriotism ha define karay kam us kam indian ma tu ha unho pak ka actors ki tashreef pa laat mar ka bhagaya ha…..

  • money always make you act like a begger… Yeah they’re beggers of bollywood movies for high revenue, what’s the big deal… >:-/

  • Why we curse the cinema owners??? Our friends will go to watch indian movies and put status, we should curse them

  • Many of us watch Indian movies at home during weekends then whats the fuss to watch movies in cinemas? Wait till next week, you will see the difference.

    • when we watched movies we not pay anything to India but when movies in cinema we handover cash to india so india use money on kashmir , Baluchistan and weak pakistan and spread terrorism i have this simple point you can understand it is all about money and policies…

  • Being a Paki I salute “Indian” from my heart because in patriotism they are very much much better than us……Respect Indian hum pakistani indian flimo ka peechay maaray jaa rahaa ha jab ka wo pakistnio ki tashreef pa laat mar ka nikal rahahaay haa. Wo kashmerio ka pakistan ka border pa pakistanio ko qatal kertay ha phir b hum indian ko kuch nahi kehtay noora bharti chup rehtaa wo mushraf jis na indian ghalzat ko screen pa dekhan shoro kia us ko bahga dia…..hum yeh sab kerna ka paisa indian ko detaa ha ta ka wo hum use karay……laant ho

  • Ban Indian Movies in Pakistan. And ban these greedy cinema owners who will sell their moms even just to make a profit.

  • Joke of the day:

    ”Indian movies should be banned. Because our own cinema is quite good, but we do not promote it ourselves,” joke was told by a cinema goer.

    • Zafar24 Qadyani how much money you get from your media cell for posting bullshit on forum and sites ….

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