Mobilink and Warid are Merging into One Brand: Jazz

We are getting hints that Mobilink and Warid are now finally merging into one brand, that will be called Jazz.

Jazz will also be the company name and identity of merged operations of both Mobilink and Warid.

While we don’t have official confirmations, we can tell you this from a video message from Aamir Ibrahim, CEO Mobilink, which said exactly this:

Assalam o Alikum; some of you must be thinking what is this surprise video about?

I have to share some news with you. As we say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017, there are few more things I wanted to say goodbye to. So its been a great run with Mobilink but I think its time to say goodbye to Mobilink and to Mobilinkers.

As the circle of life, people come and people go, things come and things go.

I hope you can join me at on Monday 5PM in the courtyard, so I can personally thank you and say goodbye to all my Mobilink friends.

Anjum Rehman, Director PR at Mobilink, didn’t confirm us anything and said she’s blank on the development.

Anjum’s reluctance to say anything also confirms that Mobilink is soon going to become a legacy and a story from the glorious early days of telecom industry of Pakistan.

With this, Jazz will also become the largest telecom brand of Pakistan with over 50 million customers. It will also mark the completion of Mobilink-Warid merger and integration of both the companies and networks.

Jazz, that was recently reintroduced, holds an undisputed status as pioneer of prepaid telecom market in Pakistan. Calling the merged company as Jazz will also make sense as majority of subscribers in Pakistan knew Mobilink as Jazz.

Warid will also phase out after this and customers belonging to Warid will be moved to Jazz.

Expect more minute details on Monday.

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  • this is goood.. so it could be even great of we all be one nation… with one connection … with one party.. with one relgion..

    • Sounds like a really boring nation with no diversity. Anyone remember what the white part of the Pakistan flag stands for?

      • I’m 40 years old and have read in school books that it symbolises the minorities in the country.
        Heard that text books are islamized now.

          • Ufone & PTCL are in state of merging together and will be available to further merge with Zong / Telenor…

            • Telenor k to apne halat patle hn . Pehle 3g 4g k issues . Ab customer services bhi band kar rha hn . Most probably zong

    • Yea and when there was one connection we used to be charged 3000 rupees for a mobile connection. competition is good for consumers.

      • But selling free sim is no business, first time sim sell must have a price of 500 and each replacement sim should be sold for 50 / 100.

  • Warid currently does not offer any “3g” internet bundle. It offers only 2g and 4g bundles. 2g is useless while majority of users including me lack a 4g device. I am waiting for the time when Warid users can also enjoy 3g internet because of this merger.

  • میرا خیال ہے یہ صرف ان کے لیے ہو گا جن کے پاس ۲ج سم ہے

    • نہیں بھائی وارد کا تمام نیٹورک ختم کر کے اس کے ٹاورز اور دوسرے آلات فروخت کر کے 4جی کے آلات خریدے جائیں گے تا کہ اخراجات کم کئے جا سکیں اور وارد کسٹمر صرف جاز استعمال کریں گے اور جاز کے کسٹمر کو سم کارڈ رپلیس صرف اسی صورت میں کروانی پڑے گی اگر وہ 4جی استعمال کرنا چاہیں گے

      • Aon bhai meri information k mutabik mobilink sare towera chalae ga apne bhi aur warid k bhi take coverage mazeed behter ho . Aksar jaghon pe warid ki coverage ha mobilink ki nhn ha

        • Mobilink sirf un jaghon pe warid ke towers rakh raha hai jahan Mobilink ki coverage weak hai. Aysi jaghon pe double tower rakhne ka koi faida nahin jahan just 1 tower ki zaroorat hai. Mobilink ke apne 9000 towers hyn aur uski coverage 95% places pe warid se behtar hai. Es liye warid k 6000 se 7000 towers Mobilink khatam kar raha hai cost cutting k liye.

        • بھائی کچھ عرصہ چلائیں گے بعد میں صرف بہتر لوکیشن والے رکھیں گے اور باقی سب ختم ظفر بھائی نے ساری بات بتا دی ہے

  • Stupidity. First they launched Jazz then they switched everyone to Mobilink then they reintroduced Jazz and now they’re saying goodbye to Mobilink again. WOW -_-

  • Sim to be replaced for all Warid customers to become Jazz customers and for all jazz customers to avail 4G

  • Yar dekho ap log aik dosry ko na pando bolo na stupid mujay kal sim lego offer main 3000mbs sms aur mints milay han but sms aya k sim free reolace karwo warid k office say free sim mile aur 3g aur let dono cla raha hun 3g *443# say atv karwaya aue lte phlay say tha jahan tak jazz ki bat ha tu mary city wazirabad main jazz ka 4g 3weeks say aya howa ha but office walon ko be nahe pata tha na 4g ki sim thi wazirabad waly jaz office main sialkot say jazz ki 4g ki sim neakali but as k pechy kii 4g nahe likha howa phair waxirabad a k helpline pay call kar k 4g atv karwa aur 4g chala raha hun but speed 4mbs say zadya nahe thi gujranwala lhahore sialkot jahan be gaya speed kam he aye abi mujay lagta ha k dono company ase naam say aik sath kam karin ge bad main dono company aik ban jay ge aur jazz ab pmcl nahe ha as k naam vilplecom ha yah bad main new naam say company relaunch karin ge

      • They will… Ufone is the only operator without 4g, eating off of ptcl’s infrastructure. Either Ufone buys the remaining 1800 mhz band for 4g, which is unlikely, or Zong buys Ufone, which it can easily do, and add 20 million + subscribers to it’s base, and compete with Jazz, going ahead of Telenor. After Mobilink and Warid announced their merger in 2015, the ceo of Zong stated that if a country like China can work with only 3 MVNO’s, with over a billion mobile users, then y not Pakistan.

        • Not happening any time soon. PTCL has announced the merger of PTCL and Ufone an year ago. They are merging into one company with one brand (PTCL). Merged company will operate in LL, WLL, DSL, VDSL and Mobile phone services. Lots of their departments have already merged like customer support department. Ufone’s Customer service centers are shifting in PTCL offices and Fsd office has already shifted in PTCL Dground office.
          Now their focus is on merger of opeartions. PTCL might refarm Ufone’s spectrum and launch LTE band 2 on its 1900 MHz spectrum which was previously under use of CharJi services and provide LTE roaming to Ufone users. This merger will complete after 1 year.
          Below is the picture of combined PTCL and Ufone service center at Dground Faisalabad.

          • CharJi spectrum and network is CDMA. I don’t believe Ufone sims support that. They’d also need to change all sims and import phones that support CDMA. Currently only US has dual handsets.
            That means each Ufone user would need to change their sim & mobile phone too.
            I don’t think anyone would take so much pain in love of Ufone.
            What do you say?
            Ready to buy a new phone? Just because you want to use Ufone 4G???

            • They are shutting down charji services, they have already shut down in all regions except Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore I suppose, which will soon be shut down there as well. Ptcl is returning money to charji device holders or giving some incentives against return.
              If you read my comment again, I mentioned that PTCL MIGHT refarm its spectrum and launch 4G services on PTCL’s 1900 MHz as LTE BAND 2 (not CDMA) which is more common in asia as compare to Telenor’s LTE Band 5. No need of dual handsets, but to use 4G, sim replacement is must every where.
              Correct me if I am wrong

              • PTCL did not buy any 4G License from PTA. Do u have a proof that PTCL own a 4G license (whether CDMA or LTE Band 2)

            • Fully agreed. CDMA will not work on current sim of ufone and current handsets in Pakistan only support GSM and not CDMA.

          • tell me susan road wale UFone office ka kiya hua? woh to wese ka wese hi hai. aur D ground mein to sirf Telenor ka sales and service center hai.

            • D ground PTCL exchange, Chiniot Bazar exchange wala office b Ufone and PTCL combine ho gaya hai. Susan road pe just customer service hi nahin baqi departments ka b office hai. Abhi just customer support department merge hua hai

    • شکریہ بھائی ہمیں یاد رکھنے کا ورنہ میں نے تو اب انفارمیشن ہی شیئر کرنے سے اجتناب کرنا شروع کر دیا تھا کچھ لوگوں کے رویہ کی وجہ سے

      • Aon bilal bhai ap share keya kro information plzz…
        Main ap ka hr cmnt bht ghor sy read krta hun ap ki information 100% correct hoti hy… plzz ap k pas jo bhi information huwa kryain hamary sath bhi share keya kryain…

  • I hope the good standard of service rendered by Warid remains intact after becoming Jazz. If not, it will be really disappointing for such a large number of customers.

  • ab yeh ek ho rahe haen tou is se paese kamaenge.
    phir alag ho jaenge to us se bhi pese kamaenge.
    yeh sab awam ko lootne ka tarika hae.

    • بھائی یہ کیا نام رکھا ہے مہذب شیطان نام رکھا ہے آپ نے اس کی وجہ بتانا پسند کریں گے

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