Chinese Firm Offers To Build Light Rail Transit System in Islamabad

NORINCO, a Chinese company, has offered to build a state-of-the-art mass transit system in the federal capital and also recommended a Light Rail Transit (Tram) project for the city.

NORINCO International is a publicly listed company subordinate to China North Industries Corporation. Its business scope covers projects in urban rail transit systems besides several other domains such as highways and expressways. The same company is already engaged in the construction of the “Orange Line Metro Train Project” in Lahore.

Proposal for Light Rail Transit in Islamabad

Representatives of the Chinese firm visited the civic body to deliver a presentation on Friday. The Member Planning CDA, Asad Mehboob Kiani, represented the civic body along with other officers of the Authority including the director transport engineering.

A brief comparison was also given among Metro Train, Tram and traditional light rail transit to the civic body officials.

The company representatives pointed out some important advantages and disadvantages of the above mentioned kinds of transport systems, but eventually recommended the Light Rail Transit for Islamabad.

The proposed tram by NORINCO firm will have the capacity carry over 350-700 passengers per unit and in an hour it will be able to transport around 8,000 – 20,000 passengers.

The tram will operate on speeds of 20-35 kph whereas the top speed is 80 kph. The project itself can be operated on a dedicated right of way and even a partially dedicated right of way.

An anonymous insider of the meeting commented, “The tentative cost of this project would be around one billion rupees per kilometre, which is not so much expensive”.


The presentation also included the four tracks on which Islamabad and Rawalpindi is primarily divided on:

  • Orange Line (Bara Kahu to New Islamabad Airport via Kashmir Highway)
  • Red Line (Rawalpindi Saddar to Pak Secretariat)
  • Blue Line (Katcheri Chowk to Zero Point Interchange via Islamabad Expressway)
  • Green Line (Katcheri Chowk to 9th Avenue via the I.J.P Road)

However, it must be noted that the Red Line route is already operational as the Metro Bus Project and the Chinese firm were also made aware of this. Not to mention that a few days ago, the Prime Minister also announced the construction of another Metro Bus that will run from Peshawar Morh Interchange to G-13.

The light rail transit system will be considered once a final decision regarding the Blue and Green Line is reached. Mr. Asad Kiani said that nothing has been finalized yet and the meeting was just an introductory session between the Chinese firm and the civic body.


via Daily Times

      • Unfortunately those who insist health & education should be first priority forget to see if anything happening in these two sectors in one province where a political party claims to have build a new Pakistan.

    • You are completely ignorant of how procurement process is completed, I am sure you have never studied PPRA rules of Pakistan, procedures and guide.
      Such projects are open tenders where all qualified companies (usually graded by Pakistan Engineering Council ) can bid, such bids are opened before all bidders and their scores are shared including commercial proposals by every bidder. If there is corruption it can be in engineering side which can be found at any stage even after the project is completed.

    • If this is corruption and I supported that type of corruption. Tell other provinces do this type of corruption and develop corrupt Pakistan.

  • Keep destroying beauty of Islamabad in the name of the development projects, spread pollution, cut trees and disband infrastructure just to make money…Soon Islamabad will top the list of most polluted cities in world.

    • i) Light train means thousands of people can travel without motorbikes, cars, buses and taxis so less pollution.
      ii) If it is an elevated track it will not destroy beauty of Islamabad, this is common in major cities of the world.

      But Karachi is more in need of such a project than Islamabad at the moment.

  • Kia punjab hi pakistan hai kia????Sarey kaam Punjab main hi hotey hain.Karachi main kia hal hai kisi ko koi fikar nahi hai.

      • Karachi lawaris hai bhai. Gangay apnay voton k chakar main punjab ko punjabistan banaye jarhay hain bagair is baat ki perwah kiye k Lahore aur Islamabad k ilawa baki jaghon main even punjab k shehron aur rural areas main ehsas e mehroomi berh raha hai. Magar ganjay apni dhamachokri main lagay huwey hain.

  • forget it. like the underground train in Lahore.
    if not from my sarya main nahin manta main nahin janta.

  • Please keep Islamabad away from such projects. They have already killed the city’s beauty through metro and other land grabbing projects, another non sense project will completely kill it.

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