LUMS Holds 8th Edition of Psi-Fi National Science Competition

The Spades Society’s annual event, Psi-Fi, returned for its eighth installment this year. The national science competition attracted more than a thousand delegates in total from schools and universities all over Pakistan.



For the duration of the 4-day Olympiad, held from 11th to 14th January 2017, delegates were provided accommodation at the LUMS campus. The competition consisted of 15 separate events, with perhaps the most popular and most participated ones being the quiz-based Tour de Mind, the Sherlockian-deduction styled Diagnosis Dilemma, the mediaeval war nod Siege, and the Macgyver-esque car race that was Gear Up. Psi-Fi succeeded in bringing brilliant, scientifically inclined minds from all over the country together in an environment where they can not only challenge each other, but collaborate and start building lasting and productive friendships with like-minded people.



Psi-Fi  also featured a Carnival and concert set up for the delegates inside the LUMS campus, featuring the artist Raga Boyz and Noori and food stalls with Lahori treats like gol gappay and jalebis as well as a variety of games to help the delegates unwind after 4 days of grueling competition.

Psi-Fi drew to a close on the evening of the 14th with a formal dinner.