Facebook Approaches 2 Billion Monthly Users on Back of Record Breaking Quarter

In its new earnings report, Facebook has announced record-breaking revenues and profit margins which is all too common for the social network these days. What’s not common is the level of reach Facebook commands now.

Facebook now commands about 1.84 billion monthly active users, while the daily active users stand at about 1.23 billion (1.15 billion of which are from mobile). Both of these figures are actually larger than what was expected of the network, which means it is growing faster than ever before. The 2 billion monthly active users milestone will be achieved by the mid of this year.

In terms of the revenue, the figures rose by 50%, to $8.5 billion. Advertising revenue from mobile rose to 85% of the total, making Facebook the biggest earner of advertising revenue after Google. Profit on that revenue amounts to $3.56 billion. Combined, the revenue from the year will likely amount to around $33.76 billion, or $18.25 per user.

There are also around 4 million advertisers on the network, up from 2.5 million a year before. Other Facebook platforms continue to rise in a similar manner, with Instagram at 600 million, and both, Whatsapp and Messenger, at more than a billion users each. Its other markets such as VR seem to be doing good as well, though, just today the Oculus division has had a $500 million ruling against it.

The future does seem to be focused on building upon the video services of the platform, as well as finding ways to monetize the Messenger platform. It seems Facebook knows how these plans and more will eventually pan out.

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