Zong Partners with Xiaomi for Launch in Pakistan, Will Offer Special Data Bundles

Zong (CMPak) and Xiaomi have joined hands to launch Xiaomi products in Pakistan, said a press statement.

It said that Zong is the only cellular network in Pakistan to have entered into a partnership with Xiaomi.

Xiaomi’s decision to enter into this partnership with Zong is based on Zong 4G’s fastest internet speeds and the widest 4G coverage in the industry, said the company. This partnership is geared to give a considerable boost to Xiaomi in their business venture in Pakistan, claimed Zong.

Following this partnership, customers will be able to access top of the line Xiaomi handsets, including 4G smartphones and accessories at Xiaomi display centers at Zong’s Customer Service Centers. In addition to this, Zong is also giving special data offers for customers purchasing Xiaomi phones anywhere in Pakistan.

This launch is in line with Zong’s vision to develop a complete 4G eco-system in the country, as it has partnered with leading companies including Huawei, Q-Mobile, Oppo, HTC, Samsung and e-commerce platform Daraz.pk.

The official launch event of Xiaomi will be taking place on 20th February 2017 in Islamabad.

Zong is currently expanding its 4G coverage to over 300 cities nationwide and has the largest 4G subscriber base of over 2 million as of December, 2016. Zong has recently announced its plans to invest over $200 Million in Pakistan for 4G network expansion.

  • KaKa

    Q Mobile is now going to face some serious competition. Period.

    • Saqib

      I am surprised on seeing you comparing QMobile with Xiaomi, Qmobile offers cheap quality in cheap price, whereas Xiaomi is known to offer good quality in cheaper prices.

      • Raja G

        Xiomi is also famous for secretly copy users data in china servers- so it should be major concern for local users as well

        • Arslan Ejaz

          Jaise baqi phone manufacturers to monna kaka hain na bro every company secretly spy on its users and it is a well known fact

        • papa

          every one is doing this.. even infinix are doing this

        • Muhammed Ovais Alam

          Go for root and use the ‘right’ tools to block everything.

        • Muhammad Kamran

          Bhai Windows phone pi ajao. Atleast ap ko data spy ki tension nai hogi.

      • tahir aziz

        100% right very very cheep mobile hahaha

    • Faheem Ahmed

      they were making us fool 4 so lomg

  • Xiaomi Chinese Plus Zong Chinese will become a Pakistan Strongest Network & Mobile in cheapest prices.


    Zong is chor company i was in pakistan for one month and used zong prepaid sim they are such thieves that they zeroed my balance after every top up i loaded balance three times and they zeroed it three times such a thief shame on them i did complaint on their website and facebook page but it was of no use shameless p*g*

    • Noaman Ahmed

      There is a thing called PTA ……ever heard of it ?

      Just complain to the right organization …..

      also this situation also occurs if you have turned on mobile data….

      and one more thing…

      in android devices …there are apps that have malware….they send MMS without user being notified….

      just check ur phone first

      • Muhammad Kamran

        Noaman Ahmed, don’t worry. Pakistan si bahir gya nai. Av chor rha hai. Abi thk kisi ni complain nai ki us ka balance km ho rha hai, If this is the case, call to customer service, also you can check your usage by online portal.


          i left Pakistan 10 days ago kisi ne kuch karna ho to email complaint se bhi masala solve ho jata hai facebook page to bada bhonkta hai zong ka kai complaint inbox main bhejain main ne jab bheji to mout pad gayi


        bhai i have used sims in 11-12 countries this problem happened only in Pakistan and the mobile malware thing that you are throwing at me i have used that mobile in three countries didnt face any problem only happened with sh*t network of zong

    • Muhammad Musa Raza

      Mobile data off kar lete


        brother i had 2 gb weekly package which expired on second day after the usage of 190 mb this is the story of first top up

    • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

      Zong freezes user’s balance when some one use internet without package. After toggling flight mode balance recovered back.


        i was using internet with package

        • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

          You should call to help line than. I am using Zong since years and never faced any issue.

          • Ahmad Khan Sabri

            Zong is a very pathetic. I also face this type problems more than 8 time and PKR 5000 + expended without any reason. And than I left zong. I called again and again but they never listen the problem. They try to satisfy us. The only solution is to leave Zong. I hate Zong.

      • Shahrukh

        Happened to me a lot aswell. Never got my balance back.

        • Saad Rashid

          Amazingly same thing happened to me and they didn’t return the balance.

    • Ahsan

      Zong has the worst customer support department as per my own experience with a very low technical knowledge.

  • Umer Asad

    Khatir jamaa rakhen itne saste bhe nahi hongay. Prices will be same as Samsung A Series and J Series

  • Yasir Mahmood

    Well all current developments and strategies sugget that Prices of Xiaomi phones will be hiked

  • Syed Mohsin Raza

    It Is Very Good Step From ZonG
    Xiaomi Mobile Sets Is Classic And Very Fast in Cheap Prices.

  • ujalil

    xiaomi mobiles available for sale and asus pegasus 2plus x550 available for sale. brand new mobiles.
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  • DJ

    Jaisye Pathan Pathan Ka dost hai Waisye Chinese Chinese ka Dost hai :)

  • Abu Zaid

    Not a good news, I was hoping they will avoid 3rd Party Partners that are known from price hiking. Maybe their intention is to target the high end market and not to compete in low price market at all.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    hory shet it’s finally happening !

    lets hope the prices are sane !

    • Feroze Salahuddin Khan

      haha i see wht u did there #SouthPark

  • Khizer Hayat Khattak

    It seems that in coming few years we will be having only Chinese products and then there will be no time to return back. It is really dangerous for people and economy

  • Golmaal

    The fact that they are going to need to sweeten the deal with data packages suggests we shouldn’t expect reasonable prices.

  • Faheem Ahmed

    hey just found about alctel pixi 4 its just 6000 rupees!

  • Imam Bux

    I believe few things to happen in future for sure, rest is the talk of this era.

    Smartphone’s future is with Google Pixel.
    Microsoft is the best company on Fortune’s ranking.
    Kashmir is the integral part of Pakistan.
    I am rich.