Netflix Users Can Now Stream Better Quality HDR Videos on Their Phones

With the arrival of the first HDR-capable 4K mobile phone at the MWC in the Sony Xperia XZ, it is clear that the market for the technology is growing. Netflix has once again tried to capitalize on that market first by offering its HDR streaming on mobile phones, too.
The service will use Google’s VP9 codec which allows more data to be compressed without the evident drop in quality. According to Netflix, around 30 hours’ worth of data can be viewed using 2 GB of data.
The content available will be of up to 1080p resolution, rather than top-of-the-line 4K, that Netflix currently serves.
The first phone to make use of HDR will be the LG G6, which also support Dolby Vision to boost. The company has already announced customized content, including Stranger Things and House of Cards, for the phone’s custom 18:9 display.
Also, this is a clear sign of video’s penetration on mobile, since we already see more than 27 percent people watching Netflix on portables.
The first series to support HDR will include all of Marvel’s shows, The OA, Chef’s Table and Santa Clarita Diet. The feature could sit well in tandem with the new offline streaming option.
While mobile HDR was first seen – and subsequently retracted – with the launch of the Galaxy Note 7 last year, it will likely see a more mainstream market this year now that LG, Sony, Samsung and others have all made their intentions clear on its appeal.

  • Arslan Ejaz

    Wow that’s considerably decreases the data consumption Great Move by Netflix