Daraz.pk Introduces Easy Installment Plans With Standard Chartered Bank

Daraz.pk, Pakistan’s largest online retailer, has started offering installments to customers buying products off its website under its latest initiative Daraz Aasan Installments – a move that could shake up the country’s ecommerce market and attract a wave of new customers to the website. The online retailer has signed up with Standard Chartered Bank (SCBPL) to run the service.

Unlike other installment offerings in the market, where customers need to pay a significant amount as down payment, processing fee and interest on top, Daraz Aasan Installment comes easy, with no processing fees, no down-payment and no monthly interest.

The online financing option, provides customers with the opportunity to shop on an affordable budget. The zero-cost easy monthly installment allows customers to shop through over 100,000 products available on Daraz and pay in 3, 6 or 12 equal monthly installments.

The scheme is currently available on SCBPL credit cards and can be availed from the convenience of your smartphone (see FAQs at www.daraz.pk/scb-ai/ for more details).

It is applicable on all products and categories available on Daraz.pk, with cart value equal or above Rs 10,000.

  • I don’t have scb card plus there is always markup. Any banking expert here tell me if this is good option.

    • Is AI also available for customers of other banks, besides SCB?

      Currently, Daraz AI is only available for SCBPL customers. Very soon we will be launching this facility for all major banks of Pakistan. Please keep checking Daraz’s AI page for updates.

      I want to buy a product on AI from Daraz but I do not have an SCBPL credit card, what should I do?

      In the link provided below, you can fill out the details and apply for the SCBPL credit card instantly.

      Apply for Credit Card

      Note: You Can’t Apply For Visa Platium Credit Card Unless Your Monthly Income In More Than 70,000RS

  • Its provided by SCB Bank for now .. I dont have limit on the card yet so its useless.. :-)

  • Daraz and their vendors are fraudsters! I had placed an order for Elitebook Folio but the product I received was counterfeit and in used condition. I have returned it and its been more than a week now but there is still no clue or words from Daraz on replacement or refund. E-commerce industry can never progress in this country until these fraudsters are here.

    • Rizwan bhai, aap itne experienced bande hone ke baad kaise Daraz ke jaal main phas gaye?

      Daraz ka tu sab ko hi pata hai ke they are fraudsters aur inki fraud ki eid hoti hai Black Friday, Valentine and is tarah ke fazool events par jahan yeh 200 ki cheez ki price 1000 kar ke phir 50% discount par 500 main bhechte hain.

      • Yes they are absolute fraudsters and they send counterfeit product despite written confirmation that the product is original.

          • Honestly, it’s even more WORST. Tried and tested, and heard by friends. The best suggestion: Don’t use any of the online stores, go to a shop in the local area and purchase it yourself, or ask someone abroad to send it over or bring it along while he’s coming to visit. I’ve experienced almost every store, and I wouldn’t recommend any.

          • yaar mera tajarba tu in logon ke sath kafi behtar raha hai, yeh log kafi dhang ke bande hain even online chat par bhi guide wagera karte hain sahi se. And prices bhi market ki lowest hoti hain. But online purchase I wouldn’t suggest. They have a shop in technocity you should first shortlist your required laptop and then go there and check it first and then buy. Seeing is believing. Aur han online prices jo hoti hain un par bhi mazeed thoda buhat discount kar dete hain if you pay them a visit.

      • Brother being a medical student routine kafi busy hai. I thought give them a try, time bach jaye ga lekin as usual wohi fraud aur dhoka. Anyway, it was last time I had ever visited daraz for shopping.

        • Bas bhai yeh dhoka aur fraud tu humare pas har jagah mandatory hogaya hai. Even if we go to shops wahan bhi har dosra banda churri teez kiye baitha hai ke koi mugra aae aur main halal karon.

    • If you’re in Lahore, you must visit to Daraz’s office that exists on the MM Alam Road. You must depict the situation, I hope they would help.

      Otherwise, Alibaba or Amazon is the last hope!

    • once i paid via credit card for a product which went out of stock and i got refund…..it takes time but they do it in my experience.

  • Honestly never had any problems with daraz pk but I have never bought something like a laptop from any online store. These things should be purchased in person because e-commerce sector is still in its early years. Inshallah in future these companies will directly deal with online Pakistani stores and we won’t face these problems.

  • That’s great news tbh. Their prices have become quite competitive recently and I have had good experiences with them quality wise.


  • this pointless. the full outstanding amount will be block till plan completion time. mean if you buy something of 20k, you will see 20K in your account but will not be able to use that 20K.

    whats the point if you can not use the money.

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