This Startup is Solving the Problem of Bike Snatching in Pakistan

Motorbikes are a popular form of transport in Pakistan especially in traffic-congested cities like Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore, and Rawalpindi. However, one major disadvantage is the high rate of motorcycle-snatching.

In 2008, bike snatching and theft touched a 10-year high. A total of 10,568 motorcycles were stolen and 4,405 were snatched at gunpoint in that year alone. By 2014, between 70 and 80 motorbikes were being snatched or stolen every day before a crackdown by the Anti-Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) brought that figure down.

One Pakistani startup is trying to combat the problem of bike snatching with the help of motorcycle trackers that can be used to locate as well as control a bike remotely. They have also worked with the ACLC and numerous other law-enforcing agencies to fight against bike theft.

Meet MotoTrack

MotoTrack, as the name suggests, is a Motorcycle tracking device that can be installed on any bike. It works in a similar fashion to its vehicle tracking counterparts. It can be installed on any bike and works on a subscription model.

The device itself has a one time cost of Rs.5,500, inclusive of taxes. There is also a service charge that would set you back Rs.2800 yearly + tax (around Rs.3500).

  • 3 Months Service Package : Rs.1000
  • 6 Months Service Package : Rs.1900
  • 12 Months Service Package : Rs.3500

The service charges includes SMS data cost for the mobile application and all the taxes. Also note that since the device works using a GSM network, it will not report its location when in a non-GSM area. However, as soon as the bike returns to a network area, it will start reporting.

The device and its functionality are designed so that even if the signal is lost the bike remains operational. Until the tracking device is not removed it will always have a chance of reactivating and providing the bike’s location.

The tracker device can be fit by a motorcycle engineer in three different spots on your bike and can take around 40 minutes to install and activate.

You also have the option of getting the device welded in the bike for an extra Rs.200. Its wiring is embedded within the motorcycles wiring so nothing looks out of the ordinary. As soon as your device is activated, it starts reporting its status via GSM tower to a MotoTrack server every 3 minutes.


  • Nationwide Tracking: You can get the location of your device anywhere at any time with just a simple text message.
  • 24×7 call center support: The customer is given 24-hour emergency numbers that are connected to a control room with personnel answering attentively.
  • Ignition On/ Off Alert: You will get a text message with the location of where your bike is when the ignition is turned on or off.
  • Engine Kill / Start via SMS: Turn your bike’s engine on or off with a text message.
  • Battery Tampering SMS Alert: Get a text message with your bike’s location if someone tampers with the battery.
  • Support for Two Phone Numbers: You can use two phone numbers to control your bike using text.
  • Online fleet monitoring: The online fleet monitoring tool is designed for companies interested in monitoring 20+ bikes at once. If you have it activated, you can view movement reports, get position, speed reports, estimated distance traveled and also get directions to your bike via MotoTrack’s mobile app.


The device comes with a one year warranty and includes the installation charges. It is waterproof and has a fireproof wiring. It also has its own backup battery which will keep it functioning for 4 to 8 hours even if the bike’s battery is disconnected. MotoTrack has its very own app and online portal to monitor your bike too.

For a bike that costs under Rs.50,000, that is still a lot of money. In the end, it all depends on whether you want the peace of mind of knowing that you would probably recover your bike if it got stolen.

When I asked Daniyal Rajwani, Director at MotoTrack Pvt. Ltd, about how they plan to convince people to buy their device, he said that,

We explain to the customer that majority of all customers that purchase and operate our device are people who have had their bike stolen before. With a rate of 80 motorcycles stolen per day in Karachi, we explain to our customers that the only people who purchase our device are people who can’t afford to purchase a new bike every day.

Download MotoTrack for Android | iPhone

Want to buy this device? You can drop a call at 0310-5580000 or visit MotoTrack’s Facebook page for more information.

Image— Dawn

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