The Biggest Fountain in South Asia Unveiled at Bahria Town, Karachi

23rd March saw the unveiling of South Asia’s biggest fountain at Bahria Town Karachi – the ‘Dancing Fountain’ which provides a captivating water, light, and music spectacle.

Malik Riaz, Founder and Chairman of Bahria Town, described the spectacle as a Pakistan Day gift to the nation, in his Facebook post.

The dazzling spectacle included more than 180 individual fountains, with the water reportedly reaching a height of over 150 feet. It is also accompanied and supported by laser lights and a fire show.

Bahria Town officials believe this can become a major tourist attraction that could draw thousands of visitors each day.

The Dancing Fountain has been launched for the public, although, it is set for a formal inauguration on April 15.

You can take a look at its demonstration on March 23 below:

About Bahria Town

Bahria Town Karachi, which spans over 44,000 acres, is currently Pakistan’s largest private real estate project. Upon its completion, Bahria Town Karachi claims that it will host several other attractions and landmarks, including Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium, Pakistan’s first Hyatt Regency Hotel, one of the world’s largest mosques, a 36-hole PGA standard golf course, a night safari, and a private member club called President’s Club, among others.

Bahria Town is the largest private real estate company in Asia whose housing societies are also present in Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. The company owns several shopping complexes including the Mall of Lahore and the under-construction Mall of Islamabad, a chain of cinemas under the brand of Cine Gold, and a chain of supermarkets under the banner of Green Valley Hypermarket.

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  • Unfortunately, people can’t use sea water for DRINKING. Karachi being so close to the cost, Seawater is mostly used for fountains and such other water based projects.

    • But people can use Manchar lake water right? Sindh government in fact allowed polluting of this lake which is probably one of the biggest source of water to Karachi.

  • Great Scarcity of Water:-
    Short supply of water started to Clifton Block-7 area after just one week, completion of tenure of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari as president of Pakistan in the Month of September 2013. In the same period building of highest skyscraper of Pakistan in Clifton, Skyscraper at teen talwar and many many other buildings started building in Clifton vicinity. Unfortunately at the same time tycoon Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain founded Bahria town near Karachi. Now days at Bahria town, The Musical Fountains is an enchanting moment with the fountains running in full-play with a musical background that visitors discover wandering in the gardens, but we 70% resident of Block-7 are deprived of water from KWSB.
    There are two water supply lines on street No.3, Block-7, Kehkashan, Clifton, Karachi. One is at East end and other is in West bank. VIPs like IG Sindh, owner of National tiles and others are beneficiaries from West pipe line where there is no problem of water supply. They are getting water atleast 3 days in a week. But Pipe line in west bank is usually founded dry. After 16th February 2017, we got water on 12, 15th and 19th March. There is NO WATER SUPPLY ON THAT PIPE LINE AFTERWORDS.
    You are therefore requested to please restore water supply in West Pipe Line, Street No.3, Block-7, Kehkashan, Clifton, Karachi at the earliest.
    N.B.:- Bill paid upto month of February-2017, but your asp has no provision for the year 2017.
    With Regards
    Barkat Ali (A ptcl pensioner).
    Thank you for submitting your complanit at KW&SB.

    Your complaint number is SAD00000873.

    Soon you can track your complaint status by this complaint number.

    Karachi Water & Sewerage Board
    25th March 2017
    04:32 pm

    • Manchar lake is being polluted by permission of Sindh government. Government of “Aik Zardari Sab par bhari” has failed to even provide basic necessities of life while Zardari is predicting yet another win in general elections 2018.

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