Local University Develops Pakistan’s First Ever Phased Array Radar

Capital University of Science & Technology (CUST), Islamabad has recently conducted a field trial for Pakistan’s first ever Phased Array Radar.

Pioneered under Controls and Signal Processing Research (CASPR) department of CUST, the radar will be used for air surveillance.

Next Step in Radar Evolution

Radars are usually shown as large dish rotating antennas. However, newer radars move their radio beams electronically. This is not easy to accomplish as it requires an accuracy of one billionth of a second. Having done that, CUST’s achievement is nothing short of phenomenal, at least on a national level.

Professor Aamer Iqbal Bhatti and his former PhD student from a government organization worked out the plan for designing and developing a a prototype for the Phased Array Radar at CUST. The government organization approved the funding and the professor assembled a team to undertake this project.

Project History and Details

In the next few years, the professor with the help of his team designed the radar system and assigned the subsystems of the radar to various experts. Dr Inam Ilahi Rana of Bismillah Electronics, considered a legend on microwaves (the ones from the electromagnetic spectrum, not the appliance) undertook the microwave subsystem of the radar.

A new company in the field of signal processing, called Renzym, worked on the signal processing module of the Phase Array Radar.

Because of regime changes the project did not get support from sponsors. Subsequently it faced financial problems as well but the Professor and his students managed to keep the project going.

First Field Test at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University

The first field test was conducted at the rooftop of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in 2011. The test was successful but it failed to solve the financial problems that plagued the project. Bismillah Electronics and Renzym did not back off on the project despite the problems and the project continued.

The circuits and signal processing modules were ready by 2016 and required testing. The sponsor for the project provided a good testing team that worked for a whole year with the Professor and his project partners. The work has finally concluded and the project is ready.

The Phase Array Radar will help Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy. It will be able to benefit other interested and relevant parties as well.

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  • Congrats…….with mass production of this;less dependence on imported radars which are particularly less secure

    • I really hope you don’t believe a garage experiment is more reliable than an internationally renowned brand unit?

        • Abrar Ali ap ko kis chez ka complex khae ja rha ha ? thora bht parh lien k chez kia ha aur kis ny bnai ha aur us bndy ka kitna nam ha field maen !! phr ap apny tajzye p nazr sanni krye ga :)

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              • @muhammad Abrar Ali

                Team which worked on Ghori missile had to hear same comments from a Navy officer when team was testing missile launch.

                “is it from North Korea, ”
                ” ye China wala ha na ”

                After that what happened.. In short naval officer had to apologize, these civilian engineers of NDC worked day and night to make it a reality.

                Behind these comments is basically jealousy, we can’t see any other Pakistani country and nation can be proud of.

      • Taha Najam do you have any prior experience in field of Radar or anything else ?? if not then keep your *INTELLIGENT* opinion with yourself. btw do some research on Dr Aamer Bhatti and their team before dishonoring their accomplishments :)

        • How does a degree in BE Electrical from Pakistan’s best university sound? Though I’ll profess I got a D in Signal Processing. Never liked the subject. Or the lecturer.

          So let me ask you again. Do you really believe a garage experiment is more reliable than an internationally renowned brand unit? And don’t think I’m undermining the efforts of the people who worked on this project. Just being realistic. Commercial brands have had years to perfect their systems, while this team is still at stage 1.

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              • Salute to your intellect. Today youtube can literally pay off your entire debt, can sponsor millions of projects, this wasn’t an innovation but do you remember time before youtube? May be when you were born you started watching YouTube.

                • I used internet before Netscape Navigator existed. Sadly I am an old man.

                  So yes, I do know a bit about innovation.

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                    It is a solved problem. There is no magic here. 100% free software can get you to scale from 1 to 100k users within a few days. Biggest problem is just how much you are willing to pay for hosting.

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                    • Yes, Youtube has millions of users. But I said “Youtube clone”. Not Youtube. And with cloud solutions these days it is very easy to scale out, and the only “hard” problem is encoding videos at scale. That’s only because it’s the costliest part of the problem (CPU intensive). Like I said, depends highly on what you are willing to pay for hosting.

                      But the encoding software? The database? All the backend infrastructure? The CDNs to distribute content? Solved Problem. Can be done by a team of 2 or 3 people easily.

                      To put it in perspective, at the time Instagram was bought by Facebook, their engineering team only had six people. That was years ago. There’s more software available now, and more options.

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            • You seem confident. Can you describe your experience getting something complicated like this radar from a design + test to successful launch in the market?


              I guess you have zero experience too.

          • You are right but its a good start for Pakistan where technical education is limited to book reading only.
            I myself is an engineer but most of the time I find my engineering degree just a piece of paper which helped me to get job only.

      • Indigenous radar are safer for security reasons so for the time being we can keep using both locally built(such as this) and imported ones until our own’s quality and production standards are onpar with the other renowned brands and until we have developed them significantly hence gradually replacing the imported ones

      • A **successful** garage experiment is the first step towards a goal. The goal is not the experiment.

      • You are dealing with devices that are of utmost importance for national security

        if we can produce a good enough workable version of technology, its better to try to implement it at least in phased manner

        who knows the radars are sending data to US pentagon

        like android and apple share data with CIA

  • Author has really low expectations from his readers

    …considered a legend on microwaves (the ones from the electromagnetic spectrum, not the appliance) undertook ….

    • I just want to know why ever single article I have read about this calls him a legend. What makes a Pakistani a legend in a field that has been around for 50+ years?

  • Not a single design/working/physical spec given.just bunch of words. In research field such article is not acceptable for public news.

  • Dr. Inam Ilahi Rana from UET/SUPARCO/Bismillah Electronics. MashaAllah a great teacher and a living legend. Had the honour of studying from him in UET as a student, working with him as a Lab Engineer while in UET and then working with him in SUPARCO.

  • Congratulations
    Simply feel proud reading these articles but one thing just clicks in my mind why RND is not funded ,why these people have to face shortage of funds
    The collection of our taxes are looted and not spend in these works
    My blood just boils!!!!!!!!!

  • A Great efford by our heroes
    hats off
    I request Airforce
    army and navy to encourage them and start producing it in Radar manufacturing facility to get enemy plane location and their movements phased array radars are pivotal so must produce and deploy it
    Pakistan zindabad

  • 40 years late but honestly glad that atleast we made one ourselves :) I hope this paves the way for new and faster research. we have a lot of catching up to do.

  • Our Government should start investing upon R&D so that Millions of Dollars could be saved.

    • Humari govt yehi tou chahti nai kay Millions of $ bachain… Govt tou chahti hai kay Millions lag jain aur humara hisa side pay nikal aye… agar Millions ya billions bach gaye tou in say un ko kya faida hoga?

  • I am not sure about the work done by the team, but the article writer really need to learn how to write a technical article.
    It might be a good indigenous research, it might be a solution to indigenous Pakistani problem regarding security, but the article sounds like its just another coy of the sorts of water-fuel based engine

  • close