PRSRV is a Power Bank That Fits Inside Your Wallet

Charging your phone just got a whole lot easier with the launch of PRSRV

Pronounced preserve, it is an innovative, energy efficient power bank designed to preserve and extend the average device’s battery life. 

PRSRV is the first power bank in the world that can be used in two different locations simultaneously as it includes a charging station as well as a removable battery that functions as a charger on the run. This credit card sized battery is designed to fit discretely in a wallet to provide consumers a portable, wire-free sleek power bank, without the need to carry a bulky power bank case and a wire. 

PRSRV’s economic design protects mobile’s battery life and prevents overcharging by automatically cutting off electricity to the Mobile once it is fully powered. Surplus power is then directed to charge the back up power bank, reducing energy consumption and efficiently charging first your mobile and then PRSRV.

Founder Hamza Ansar explains “We’ve all been forced into overcharging our devices at night through a combination of our busy schedules and the absence of a product that automatically unplugs your mobile after charging. PRSRV is designed to be that product.”

PRSRV’s unique, patent pending design is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Ansar enthuses “While there are many power banks on the market, we provide a seamless solution to overcharging, we don’t ask the user to alter their existing charging habits, but simply ask them to add PRSRV between the power source and phone.”