Yamaha Launches the YB125Z Motorbike in Pakistan for Rs. 115,900

After successful acceptance of YBR series, Yamaha Motors brings another model to Pakistan after two years – the Yamaha YB125Z. The bike was unveiled at an event held today in Lahore.

With the launch of the new YB125Z, Yamaha hopes to attract Pakistani customers and challenge the dominance of Chinese bike makers as well as competing Japanese brands such as Honda that are present in the local market.


Mr. Shigeru Ishikawa, Managing Director of Yamaha Motor with the new YB125Z.

Speaking on the launch event, Mr. Shigeru Ishikawa, Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Pakistan, highlighted the YB125Z and its features.

He also emphasized that Yamaha Pakistan is aiming 100,000 units sales in coming a few years and YB125Z will play an important part to achieve that target. Pakistan is the 5th biggest motorcycle market in the world. To cater the needs of the local customers, Yamaha Motors Pakistan has over 200 sales outlets and 500 after-sales shops.


Team Yamaha talks about features of the bike

Yamaha With a Fresh Start

The latest model of the Yamaha bike contains longer and wider seats, and is specially designed for less vibrations with the help of engine balancer.

The meter contains gear count, which can be seen as an unnecessary shenanigan but it will be helpful for new motorcyclists.

The YB125Z also features self-start mechanism and has powerful headlight halogen lamp.

Yamaha representatives said that the new models will be available in the market from mid-April and will cost PKR 115, 900 in Pakistan.


Black and Red is Back

Here is the Yamaha YB125Z in pictures:

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    • not a big market for these

      • Farrukh Khan

        I think there are alot of people who want these kind of bikes in Pakistan !!

        • Muhammad Bilal

          not a lot of people just few , or jo keh rahay hn wo yeh laingy nhn, do you know how much this will cost?

    • Xahid

      They are trying to beat Honda CG125 I guess. same design, less cost.

      • Muhammad Bilal

        more features

        • Xahid

          What more features ?

    • Muhammad Bilal

      pehlay ap logon k pas aisi bikes hn?

  • Geek At Large

    Looks overpriced. Design is meh at best.

    • Muhammad Bilal

      match with deluxe , features and price

  • DJ

    Seriously Innah Lillah wa Innah Iliye hi Rajioon .. being a owner of YBR 125 i was expecting something better from Yamaha Even Launching this Family model after two years Price should not be more than 105K .. but 10k Extra Sadness

    • Zeerak Mushtaq

      Is ybr worth buying ?

      • Salman Qureshi

        Yes worth every penny

      • DJ

        depends i have this bike from appx 2 years now and going fine but not for racing or awaz .. honda 125 will do this job :)

  • Kamran

    Design is kept like this to have a fight with Honda CG 125, No doubt, its a beauty, CG is same since 1976, full of vibrations and noise!!

    Will definitely get it, IN SHA ALLAH

  • Usman

    For the negative commentators. Bike is used as a family conveyance in Pakistan. Ybr and Ybr G did manage to get some sales but they’ve to compete with the main crowd. It’s not very difficult to understand that u can’t carry an old person or a woman with ease on a Ybr or Ybr G.

    • Salman Qureshi

      well said

    • waqar hussain

      You are right. YBR and YBR G are good bikes but these bikes are not for people who use bikes to carry “Khaad ki Bori, Aty ki Boori & etc”

      On the other hand this bike seems perfect to carry “Wife and a lot of chidren.” Lol

  • Tutmash Shafi

    better to buy pridor

    • waqar hussain

      Really? You are funny. This Bike Offers a lot more than Pridor.
      People are paying 105000 PKR for CG125 vibrator.

      • Tutmash Shafi

        if price difference is considered then pridor wins !!

        • waqar hussain

          Pridor is 100c
          Kick Start

          How it wins from
          Self Start

          • Tutmash Shafi

            these are nothing according to price difference

            • waqar hussain

              Price is a little high but still it is better than pridor.

              • waqar hussain

                I don’t know why I am arguing but in first place We should not Compare Pridor with This Bike.
                Comparison should be between

                CG125 & YBZ125

  • Paul

    People in pakistan pays over 1 lakh PKR for this 125cc crap?

    • CompuViz .

      Yeah corrupt bureaucracy and very high tax rates. These companies should have been forced to introduce more modern model, also women friendly models. But who cares

  • CompuViz .

    International model of Yamaha YB125Z has better wheels , a front disk break as well, with more sporty exhaust. where as in Pakistan model those things are absent. I am very disappointed.

  • CompuViz .

    I was thinking to buy it, but when I googled it, international market has better looking YB125Z in other asian countries with beautiful wheels and back and front disk breaks. where as in Pakistan they have still old cheap looking wheels and no disk break on front tyre.

  • Wolverine

    Atleast headlight ka design hi badal do yaar.