Every Village with More than 100 Inhabitants to Get 3G Within Two Years: Anusha

Anusha Rehman, Minister for Information Technology and Telecom, today claimed that every village in the country — with at least 100 inhabitants — will have 3G coverage with-in next two years.

She was addressing 3rd Rawalpindi Chambers of Commerce and Industry ICT Award 2017 moments ago.

Minister said that Pakistan currently ranks at fourth position for freelancing in the world and this number is only going to grow as internet penetration has increased from just 2 percent in 2014 to 27% in less than 36 months.

She said that this was made possible through stretch of 3G and 4G services and now it will be government’s priority to take mobile broadband services to far flung areas of the country.

Anusha Rehman also unveiled government’s plan to train more than 100,000 young grads with freelancing skills so they may become independent earners while using internet.

Anusha recalled that PML(N) has always given special attention to IT sector and this is only why the growth during past three years has remained remarkable.

She said that this positive change has been noticed at global scale and four awards — bestowed to Pakistan’s IT Ministry — speak volumes about how world is reacting to Pakistan’s growth in IT sector.

It maybe recalled that GSMA had awarded Pakistan for conducting transparent 3G/4G auction in 2014 and then more recently MoIT was awarded for its Telecom Policy 2016.

Anusha appreciated RCCI for organizing ICT awards. RCCI holds ICT awards to reward best performing IT companies in the country.

Chairman RCCI, while explaining the vision behind awards, said that its an effort to promote soft image of the country.


  • Truth

    i guess people have started eating MBs and KBs instead of clean food & water.
    Please provide basic necessities of life in villages.
    Pathetic priorities!!

    • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

      She is IT Minister not food Minister. She is bound to talk about MBs and Kbs. Don’t be stupid.

      • Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri

        App hon gaye Stupid…. Mohtarma har 3sry supreme court k bhair rang barangi press conference kr rhi hoti hai… tb kisi ko yaad nhi atta She is bound to talk about MBs and Kbs…. Idiot

        • rj

          dont be stupid PAdri sahb its a tech form

        • ZAB

          Durust Allama Sahab. Aapki baseerat ko salam.

        • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

          Aap toh baat hi na karyn. Kumhaar hyn jhang wapas ja kar ghadhay paalein. Kis kaam myn parr gaye hyn.

          • Raja Maja

            ghadhay paalein aur apnay cousin ke sath mill kar china export karein……………ha ha ha

          • Ali

            She is IT minister but fraud like all other minister of this Government.She also announced to bring E Bay and Amazon in Pakistan very soon and nobody knows what happened to it.And yes going to supreme court point is very valid but this person said it in totally disgusting way and yeah people in villages need other basic necessities more than 3g although 3g should also given to them.

        • That it’s called freedom of Speech !

          • Saad Ahmed

            oh vehlay tum phir aagay?

            • Muhammad Musa Raza

              very rude

        • Manzoor Ahmed

          Do not use name of any other person to comment . Come with your own name .

    • AbdulB1

      andheer nagri chopat rajj

  • Masood Qureshi

    AJK still waiting… bullshit policy

  • ZAB

    Har dosray din yeh Mai naya bayan daagh rahi hai. Kabhi paanch saal agay ka kabhi 2 saal agay ka. In 5 saalon main inhon nay kounsa teer maar liya hai k ab agay ki topi pehna rahay hain aeam ko.

  • AbdulB1

    damn when world moved to 4g advance and talking about 5g…..

  • Jamespond007

    Every Village with More than 99/.2 Inhabitants to Get 3.G With Next 100 years: Anusha (Bu!!sh!t Rani)

  • Eli Ehsan

    “Every Village will have 3G/4G services so that we can arrest & torture more people in the name of Blasphemy & Cyber crime law” #UnfilteredThoughtsOftheMinister – there i fixed it for you Milady…. :)

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      Salaam aap ko!
      Apni ‘marzi’ ki hi baat pick ki yahan bhi.

      • Eli Ehsan

        No It ain’t my “Marzi” sir. Smartphone in a Dumb-headed knuckle head is a Dumbphone & there’s no “Accidental” crime clause in our cyber law. So you do the math (if that’s even possible).

        • Muhammed Ovais Alam

          Accidental crime? That’s your logic?

          • Eli Ehsan

            yeah! Who wudda Thunk that eh? for more on this refer to the recent Lynching death of that poor mardan uni guy.

    • Talal

      Where does blasphemy laws hurt you? Point that part with your hand.

      • ZAB

        Yeh angreez banany k chakar main uut patang baatien kar raha hai. Jiska isko khod nahi maloom k kia bol raha hai.

    • ZAB

      Too clever by half! Blasphemy law se tu kyuin khatra mehsoos kar raha hai?chor ki dasri main tinkay wali baat tou nahi?

      • Eli Ehsan

        I’m a Shia (Alhamdz) bro.. Purestan main meri daarhi har waqt Tinkay se bhari rehti hai…….

        • Muhammed Ovais Alam

          You’re shia that’s why you’re against the blasphemy law?
          NOT all shias are like you. My shia friends are in favor of blasphemy law.

          • Eli Ehsan

            all of my Sunny (read Sunni) brethren that I’ve are against it so that argument is a no brainer at all.

            • Muhammed Ovais Alam

              And all my shiite (read shia) friends are NOT against it.
              It seems we make like-minded people as our friends.

  • Aamir

    BC pehly AJK ko 3G hi dy do phr baqi hankana

  • sani


    every village in the country with at least 100 inhabitants will have 3G coverage with-in next two years EXCLUDING AJK & GB

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    Aur phir log 3G ko hi kha lia krainge, pi lia krainge aur usi ko chatt bana kar neechay so jaaya krainge.