Canon Opens Its First Official Store in Pakistan

Canon has announced its foray into the retail space with the launch of its exclusive brand retail store called Canon Image Square in Pakistan.

The first store in Karachi, located at the Zamzama Street was inaugurated by Director MBM Int. Mr. Manzoor Khan, Canon Singapore President, Ms. Noriko Gunji & Country Manager Canon Mr. Sarshar Ali.

The retail store covers an area of approximately 1,450 sq. ft. and is based on the franchise model along with Canon Imaging Academy. It is a one stop destination for people with photography needs, enabling increased visibility and reach across the country with an objective to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

The main feature of these CIS stores is that these are the only camera stores in Pakistan which employ the touch & try concept for their complete range of professional, semi-professional, hobbyist cameras and all equipment related to photography.

Canon, in Pakistan, plans to inaugurate five such stores by December 2017, followed by 10 retail stores in 2018, 50 in the year 2019 and another 50 stores in 2020, taking the count to 100 stores in the next 3 years.

The first year would see the launch of three stores in Karachi followed by one more store in Lahore and one store in Islamabad. The stores enforce Canon’s increased focus on on enhancing brand awareness and increasing sales. The area covered by each outlet would vary from a minimum of 800 sq. ft to a maximum of 1300 sq. ft.

Speaking on the occasion Ms. Noriko Gunji, President, Canon Singapore said, today’s customer is well informed and educated, and we are constantly evolving to provide them with the right choices by understanding their needs.

Pakistani customers demand better products, higher lifestyle quotient, good quality selling interface and state-of-art after sales service similar to international standards. The store will offer solutions for customers seeking high end photography and printing solutions where both click and print products from Canon will be available.

The first retail store launched today in Karachi, and second in Pakistan, aims at providing customers with a one-stop shop for their digital needs that will result in satisfied and stronger customer base, thus helping the company’s business substantially.

We have had record growth of 50% in 2016 and expect more during this year. The Image Square, a unique concept by Canon, showcases a wide range of consumer products that includes cameras, camcorders, D-SLRs, lenses and accessories. Each store has over 40 SKUs on display.

The wide display of products allows the customer to enjoy a rich technological experience with an environment to make a purchase. A customer can touch, feel and know a product and then make an informed purchase.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Sarshar Ali, Country Manager Canon / MBM Int. said,

It is a moment of pride for us at Canon to launch our first store in Karachi, designed on international appeal, called Canon Image Square. The store would not only help us boost sales but also enable us to educate the masses about Canon’s revolutionary technologies.

Brand Canon is synonymous with reliability, durability and commitment. With the launch of the store today, I am confident that the brand will move closer to the people of the country as these stores will not only sell Canon products but will also educate all customers about the wide range of Canon products.” said Mr. Naohiko Hayashi Senior Director & General Manager ICP Sales & Marketing Canon Singapore.

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    • Here is Amazon Head Quarter Seattle, Washington, United States

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      Amazon is more of dead! Only the camera manufacturing companies find Pakistan successful.

    • Yup would love them here :-( Lots of good stuff not available here due to them not being here..

  • Angreez is Back ! In Pakistan

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    Just saying, the canon shop in Bluearea (ISB) is nothing but a local shop with the name CANON.

    • Hmmm, I thought its official shop of them. Had purchased dslr, lenses and couple of tripods from them.