Microsoft’s New Windows 10 S is Aimed at Schools

Microsoft announced a new version of Windows 10 at an event today, called the Windows 10 S. The “S” signifies schools as Microsoft tries to recapture the classroom market share in the US, a market that has been dominated by Google’s Chromebooks over the past few years.

Windows 10 S is a slimmer version of the OS designed to focus on classrooms and teaching environment.

At the event, the company didn’t mention Chromebooks by name but it was evident that Microsoft had the browser-focused OS in mind when designing Windows 10 S.

Built for Many Users And Fast Logins

When it comes to Chromebooks, one of their key selling points is multiple logins. The devices tend to get passed around in the class which necessitates having multiple logins available. Windows 10 S has got that front covered. It comes with a login app that lets you create a username and password on the fly. The login info is saved onto a USB drive which can be plugged in on different devices to log them in.

It takes around 30 seconds to log in through this method which saves time.

Windows Store is also limited on Windows 10 S allowing a select few apps to be downloaded. Teachers will have control over some of the features as well (like the camera for example).

Microsoft InTune

This falls in line with the previously announced Microsoft InTune for education. Partner OEMs like Acer, Dell, HP, and Asus will offer devices starting from $189 designed specifically for use in schools.

These systems aren’t just Windows 10 S only systems as you can upgrade them from the consumer version of Windows 10 (that they come with) to Windows 10 S for free.

With the free upgrade, you also get a free one-year subscription to Office 365 with Minecraft: Education Edition to sweeten the deal.

Easily Accessible

Everyone uses Windows or has used Windows at some point. This makes the new systems instantly accessible for everyone. In addition, Microsoft Office is the go-to applications for many schools and workplaces.

What’s more, the schools can just upgrade existing systems to Windows 10 S, instead of starting from scratch and buying more computers/laptops.

The new OS is slated to release this summer, just before the school season starts.

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  • Ben Thompson tweets about this idiotic version of Windows: “Whenever you want to complain about an Apple keynote remember that the leading feature for Windows S was a new default desktop image.”

  • Either this is a really badly written summary or you clearly didn’t understand what things were announced yesterday. I mean I was going to point out the flaws but that would probably mean rewriting the entire article, since everything is either jumbled together or flat out incorrect.

  • fake all fake least hire some good copy pasters ??? “S” is for security and speed

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