Here’s Why Ibn Batuta International Festival is Worth Attending

Festivals happen in every part of the world. Witnessing a festival from another nation is like putting their culture under an optical microscope, as when joining a festival, we habitually see the fine and complex mechanisms of that culture in colorful and vibrant details. Let’s take a closer look at The Second Edition of The International Festival of IBN Battuta – Travellers, Ambassadors of Peace.

About the Festival

The Second Edition of The International Festival Ibn Battuta is set on stage to inspire the inner traveler in you on 9-12 November 2017 in the city of Tangier, Morocco. Welcoming different personalities and delegations in the field of travel and tourism from all around the globe.

The festival is an expressive way to celebrate the diverse culture of Morocco, and to commemorate the glorious heritage of Ibn Battuta through Travel, Literatures and Geographical Forums, Theatrical Plays, Musical Shows, Ibn Battuta Carnival, Street Art Exhibitions, Film Screening, highlighting the remarkable story of Ibn Battuta.

Significance of the Festival

The international Festival of Ibn Battuta is to promote peace through travel and to honor the extraordinary character of Ibn Battuta playing an important role to improve our social lives, connect us with our families and backgrounds and give us inspiration to live with the spirit of the legendary character of Ibn Battuta. This is also the good opportunity to pass the legends, knowledge, cultures and traditions onto the younger and next generations.

Themed: Travelers, Ambassadors of Peace

Highlighting the legacy of renowned traveller Ibn Battuta, the Festival has been organized to celebrate Morocco’s rich culture and heritage, promote travel, engage people from different parts of the world. Inspired by the great Ibn Battuta, his journey and his special character: Travel is the language of peace.

Why Attend the Festival?

Discover the special connection among all the countries in the world. Realize that there can be Peace even if we are from different races with different cultures. Every country has a rich and amazing culture but there is so much more to discover. This festival is a good way to show and cherish one’s culture.

It will be an event full of interesting cultural and traditional experience.

All in all: The Second Edition of The International Festival of Ibn Battuta is a one of a kind event that will surely be a worthwhile experience.

Check out the festival here.