AzaadHealth Makes it to the Finals of the Global Healthcare Challenge

A Pakistani healthcare startup, AzaadHealth, has made it to the finals of a global healthcare competition, organized by one of the world’s leading business incubator for startups, 1776.

Meet AzaadHealth

AzaadHealth is an online hub for all your healthcare needs. It is a platform which allows healthcare providers and patients to share complete medical information as well as data analytics tool for an entire family. Led by Syed Abrar Ahmed, the founder and the current CEO of AzaadHealth, it is the only Pakistani startup to make it so far.

Healthcare trends are changing almost as fast as advancements are being made in the field of technology. Virtual appointments with your doctor are not just a gimmick anymore, but a reality that many people take advantage of. Intelligent apps on smartphone or smartwatches that monitor your daily routine have made managing your physical activity, your calorie intake, and basically your daily health, a much easier task.

AzaadHealth’s platform is compatible with most modern healthcare systems and can also incorporate a patient’s fitness data by fetching it from a wide array of smart devices, from smartphones to smartwatches. This data can then be accessed by both, the patient as well as the doctor. Moreover, this information can also be quickly accessed by a hospital in order to provide emergency treatment to a patient.

MedStar #Patient2Consumer Challenge

MedStar Health, a non-profit healthcare organization, and 1776, a global business incubator empowering entrepreneurs around the world, have partnered up for the “MedStar #Patient2Consumer Challenge.” Focused on the future of healthcare, the program wants to recruit the best ideas and startups from around the world.

AzaadHealth is one of the 12 startups to make it to the finals of the competition.

The finalists get to pitch their startups on the 13th of July, at Crystal City Marriot at Reagan National Airport, Arlington, a city in the United States of America.

The winners of the competition will be inducted in the MedStar Innovation Lab Cohort, a program that is designed to validate, test, and/or scale the businesses that can have a transformative impact in the health industry.

Both 1776 and MedStar, will help the startups grow their businesses for a period of 3 months. There is also a chance of pilot project collaborations with MedStar and other healthcare companies and systems, as well as exposure to potential investment opportunities.