Oculus Will Release a $200 VR Headset Next Year

One of the biggest shortcomings of the earlier virtual reality headsets was their price tag and it wasn’t until the likes of Samsung and Google came up with affordable options that the market went towards becoming more mainstream.

However, it appears that Oculus is also recognizing the various segments in the market and gearing for the launch of a new, cheaper VR headset next year.

The Facebook-owned VR powerhouse is targeting the sweeter $200 price point for its upcoming virtual reality solution. Not only that, the headset will also be standalone, requiring neither a phone or a computer/console to work and handle the processing. Obviously, that also points towards a more clutter-free experience which voids the need to be wired to an external source completely.

Collaborating With Xiaomi and Qualcomm

The hardware powering the headset will likely consist of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon goodness, whose power will justify its mid-end price point. Design-wise, it’ll be lighter than the Samsung’s Gear VR. However, it’ll miss positional tracking, due to its lower price point.

“Pacific”, as the device’s prototype is reportedly being called, will be made in co-operation with Xiaomi. This could also help Oculus strategically in capturing the burgeoning Chinese market, where Facebook has been banned for long and proving a hindrance in the company’s bid to gain market share.

Not the Same Version

The new Pacific prototype will be a step down compared to the Santa Cruz prototype shown at the Connect 2016 event. That prototype featured a wider array of tracking options, while the one we have here misses out on them, mainly to keep the pricing down and differentiate between offerings.

The report reckons that Oculus will be sharing more news regarding the Pacific in October, which will also be just in time for the company’s Connect event. More details shown follow then.

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