This Security Robot Just Committed Suicide and No One Knows Why

Knightscope is a security robot that patrols around while trying to understand the environment, judging and alerting the authorities when something goes wrong. It uses microphones, video cameras and numerous other sensors to do the job of a security guard.

The robot was programmed to squeak, whistle and make other loud noises to dissuade criminals and let others be aware if it suspects something wrong is happening. It can patrol around sensitive areas and is cost effective with a rent of just $7 per hour.

Unfortunately, the crime fighting robot drove itself into a pool and drowned itself, much to the internet’s amusement. Twitter has been flooded with jokes ever since the Knightscope’s digital demise was captured and circulated over the internet.

Memorial For Knightscope

The company which employed Knightscope has received an overwhelming response at their Washington D.C offices after the bot’s demise.

There is even a growing pile of memorials at Steve the Suicidal Robot’s (as he has been dubbed by his fans online) former charging station.

Here’s how the memorial looks like:

How Twitter Handled His Death

In all seriousness, this isn’t the first time an advanced K5 has experienced a setback. ​In 2016, in possibly one of the first-ever robotic hit and runs, one of the bots accidentally ran over a 16-month-old toddler.

Perhaps it was an innocent mistake. Perhaps it was a glitch in Steve’s programming that drove him to such extreme depths. We may never know the cause behind his demise.

But one thing is for sure. Steve became more popular in death than he ever could when he prowled over the streets, keeping criminals and vagabonds at bay with his robotic voice.

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