Marvi Memon Awarded the French National Order of Merit

At a reception held at the French Residence Islamabad on 21st July 2017, H.E. Mrs. Martine Dorance, Ambassador of France to Pakistan, conferred the prestigious French Award of the National Order of Merit (Ordre national du Mérite), with the rank of Officer (Officier) to MNA Marvi Memon, who is the Chairperson/Minister of State Benazir Income Support Programme.

The reception was attended by Federal Ministers, Members of the Parliament, members of the diplomatic community, friends and family members of Marvi Memon.

The National Order of Merit is an order of the State awarded by the President of the French Republic, which was launched in 1963 by the President Charles de Gaulle to reward French and foreign nationals for their distinguished achievements.

Having spent part of her childhood in France where she received her secondary schooling, Marvi Memon is fluent in French. As a member of the Pakistan-France friendship group at the National Assembly, she has actively played her role in strengthening relations between France and Pakistan.

After a successful career in the private sector, Ms Memon was twice elected as a Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan in 2008 and 2013. In February 2015, she was appointed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan as the Chairperson/Minister of State Benazir Income Support Programme.

During her tenure, she has been a very dynamic parliamentarian and has taken active part in legislation, especially in defending the rights of women.

In recognition of her actions for the people of Pakistan and her devotion to promote relations between France and Pakistan, the President of the France has bestowed the National Order of Merit upon her.

  • Is this France not the same which banned Hijab and fined Muslim womens…They also published cartoons in the wort forms and labeled them towards our Holy Prophet (PBUH)…and now they are awarding someone who is trying to corrupt a Muslim nations…….

  • Isko to koi jhutte paise nahi deta France walo ne award de diya lagta hai ajkal french award ki koi ehmiyat nahi rahi jo har falto ko de dete hai.

  • A nation who’s strongly against Islam and it’s teachings. If marvi memon was raised in France no wonder her thoughts would be alike them. The amount of money these politicians have stolen could make Thar better then Karachi and Lahore. We’re talking about billions people! We don’t see one mna or mpa or a close member to this party riding a vehicle less than 1 or 2 crore, cruisers and armed guards on vigo. Bas adda and addi are poisoning this province like cancer.

  • Yani wafadari ka thappa? I mean shes doing good i hope for people of Pak and France :D

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