PIA is Struggling Because of Open Skies Policy: PM Advisor

Prime Minister’s Adviser on Aviation, Sardar Mehtab Abbasi, while speaking at the national flag carrier’s marketing conference, stated that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has suffered major losses due to the open skies policy. He added that no foreign country or airline is granted any additional rights without justification,

Sardar Mehtab Abbasi said that PIA could only succeed with the support and joint efforts of its employees and advised them to take ownership of their organization. “There is a dire need to eradicate favoritism and promote merit in all spheres of the airline”, he added.

The conference was attended by marketing station heads from domestic and international destinations. The station representatives presented their respective stations’ performance, activities and future plan of action during the conference.

“The PIA must expand its network to cater to the demand that exists in the market”, said Mr. Abbasi.

Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, has directed fast track improvements in service delivery for passengers using national airports. “The facilities shall be at par with the major international airports in the world”, stated the Prime Minister while chairing a meeting on matters pertaining to Civil Aviation in Islamabad .

Advisor to PM on Aviation, Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan, and Director General, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) briefed the Prime Minister regarding various ongoing projects, particularly the New Islamabad International Airport.

The Prime Minister directed that timelines for completion of projects should be adhered to and no compromise be made on quality of work. The Prime Minister further directed that all projects be undertaken with utmost transparency.

  • PIA is struggling because of institutional problems with PIA, not because of anything else.

  • Government needs to grow a pair and make a decision regarding PIA’s future. Either infuse a lot of new capital into it and try to revive it or declare it bankrupt and shut it down. Same goes for steel mills.

  • Yaar aap log sab kis givt. ko mashwara derahay ho jo khud jaan ker loss mein daal ker bethay hain khanay k chkron mein. Open space policy to aik bahana hai apnay aap per se ilzaam hatanay keliye. Ye to sab jantay hain k Railways, steel mills, PIA ka loss kis wajha se hua…

  • I live in Central Florida. Whenever anyone I know visits Pakistan, they fly one of the Middle East Big Three. Why? PIA inflight entertainment rarely works, and it is a good 18 hour trip to Pakistan. If PIA improved its service, people would WANT to fly it, like in the glory days of the 1960s. These days, hardly any PIA passenger is a non-Pakistani. You cannot force people to fly PIA, so people should stop complaining and let market forces decide. It is the ultimate shame that PIA set up Emirates in 1985, leased it aircraft and staff, and provided technical assistance. Today, PIA has two flights per week to New York, whilst Emirates has five PER DAY.

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