Microsoft Paint & Other Legacy Software Will Soon be Killed

Remember drawing a house on MS Paint with some hills in the background and a nice little stream of water running alongside? That same Paint is now going away, permanently.

While Microsoft’s Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 may be one of the most-awaited releases (at least for this year) it also brings bad news for some pieces of software as is the norm.

Among those is Paint, the application which helped spark the creativity bug in millions. The news comes in a document released by Redmond, listing all the removed or deprecated features in the upcoming iteration of Windows 10.

Even though it won’t go immediately, it’s development status is effectively kept on hold.

Paint history

Microsoft Paint was first introduced 32 years back alongside the first version of Windows, being a licensed product of ZSoft Corporation’s PC Paintbrush. Initially supporting only 1-bit graphics, the application was given its current name as well as JPEG support with Windows 95. Later versions have built over this version. Unlike other legacy software such as Minesweeper, Paint wasn’t relegated to the Windows Store.

Paint 3D

The Windows 10 Creators Update brought with it features for the Paint 3D app, which gives it functionality for creating 3D projects and modelling, while also having some image editing capabilities. However, it operates as a separate project altogether and considered a spinoff of Paint, which will likely stay for a long time period.

You may recognize some other familiar software in that document above, such as Outlook Express, Reader app and Reading list. However, none of them have either the nostalgia or the character that the Paint app possessed. With the development and support on hold, the Paint application will be on a constant life-support, with the plug set to be pulled anytime soon.

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  • paint is very best software for younger children’s. And it is very easy to use.
    If they stop this software , they will create better .

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