Ignite to Setup Portal to Produce 1 Million Freelancers: Anusha Rehman

The Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunications, Anusha Rehman, while talking to the media, highlighted the importance of streamlining career choices for young Pakistanis who have the potential to be the best in the world.

She referred to Ignite, formerly the National ICT R&D Fund, as the cornerstone platform for the youth of Pakistan; a place where they could uncover their hidden potential and progress on a career path where their income and livelihood is guaranteed.

Portal Needed to Impart Technical Skills

Anusha Rehman said that the Ministry of IT wants to develop a portal through Ignite that can not only teach about the latest technical advancements but also act as a market place. The platform will also help bolster and support the cottage industry in Pakistan.

The need for developing coding skills, from a young age, is the need of the hour since programming is the future. She said,

“For a better future, we need to start teaching programming at the age of 4”.

Minister of IT further added,

“It is our responsibility to provide our kids with all the happiness that they deserve and it is only possible if we equip them with the skills they’re going to need for a successful future”.

“This is not just a conference but an effort towards the realization of a dream and nothing is impossible for those who’re determined”, she asserted.

“We will train women with the required technological skills to enable them to earn from home”.

Briefing the media about the Digi Skills platform, the Minister said that, “it is the right time to develop new skills in new technologies and with this program.” She stated that “we’re going to train 10 lac people from all over Pakistan”.

Anusha Rehman said that programs like these are the need of the hour in a country with such a huge population. Ignite will train 10 lac (1 million) freelancers in one year, and that this low-budget platform will benefit millions of Pakistanis.

  • Kiya Zamana A Gaya Hai 1968 Ki Model Ko Hum Ne IT Ka MInister Banaya Hai
    Kisi Youngster Ko Banate to Ab tak PayPal Aur Bohat Si IT TECH A Jati

  • Great initiative. We already have this portal for 1 Million to handle this to empower them. In short time of 1+ year there are MANY successful empowered stories of ordinary Pakistani Youth as their lives have been changed for good. We have over 100K+ enrolled. Always open to collaboration to help Pakistan in any way possible in our capacity. http://learn.gsefoundation.org/

  • A national of freelancers = a nation of INDIVIDUALS
    (who by the way cannot easily open bank accounts as freelancers)

    We also need easier support to set up small companies of 4-10 people

  • This minister has a habit of building pies in the sky. She said that she will bring paypal to pakistan 2 years ago and has failed so far. https://propakistani.pk/2016/11/28/ms-anusha-amazon-ebay-paypal-promised-year-ago/ Training 1 million freelancers in 1 year will be another lie. Pakistan doesnt even have a million freelancers! where will 1 million come from in 1 year? It also means training 4000 new freelancers every day. It will take a lot more than 1 year to train a million freelancers. I guess politicians have a habit of exaggeration.
    Teaching from the age of 4? Thats ridiculous! Kids hardly learn english language by that age much less expecting them to learn programming. It would be better to start programming from 6th grade though!

  • We need to stop creating freelancers and move a step ahead and do something with the nation of freelancers that we already have now!

  • Allah nay Paistan ko sab kuch diya laikin do cheezain nahi dee Pakistanio ko. Wo hay Aqal aur imandari. Tum log jitna bhee pudhak lo, jab tak aqal say kaam nahi lo gay tum ko kuch nahi milay ga. ICT fund say kiya nikla? Professors nay paper kalay kiay. It is so stupid to give applied research and development projects to university professors which should be given to industry to create jobs. It is so stupid to advance freelancing. But these dishonest low quality people deserve to be big losers.

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