Pakistan to Get A Modern Shipyard in Gwadar

Pakistan government is planning to develop Gwadar Shipyard to meet the ever-increasing need for merchant ships. The new shipyard will produce the latest commercial vessels, modern freight ships, barges, merchant ships, tugs, and survey vessels.

The vision is to rely less on Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works Limited (KSEW) and to compete with other nations on this front. With China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) being the focal point of Pakistan’s economic boost, the construction of this shipyard seems to be a step in the right direction.

ProPakistani recently reported that Pakistan is investing in KSEW for future projects, which is already working on a couple of Pak Navy projects. If all goes according to plan, it might enable Pakistan to increase its naval production capacity even further.

The new shipyard is going to be built on a fast-track basis, given the growing demand for ships and vessels, and the fact that Gwadar port is going to be a very busy port in the near future. With all the trade activities expected to be carried out at the Gwadar port, it is high time for Pakistan to start making its own ships.

The shipyard will consist of two dry-docks for ships of up to 600,000 ton capacity. The project is gaining interest from foreign investors, particularly Chinese companies.

The merchant shipbuilding sector was previously dependent on KSEW which started its operations in 1957. Having played a huge role in maintenance, repair, shipbuilding and induction of new technologies in this sector, the oldest heavy engineering development complex will soon get much needed support from the Gwadar shipyard.

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  • No doubt Gwadar is the next Karachi.

    My parents bought some commercial land in Gwadar, about 12 acres, for peanuts during the 80s. We almost sold it in 2001 but somehow out of laziness never followed through with the offers. Nowadays I thank Allah everyday for our laziness!

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