iOS 10 Adoption Rate Puts Android to Shame

Apple’s iOS Mobile operating system has always had high levels of penetration whenever the new update came out. Now, after almost 11 months into its release, the software is installed on 87% of all devices in the ecosystem, according to the company’s figures released at the end of July.

The software’s previous iteration, iOS 9, is running on 10% of all devices as of now, which makes the two latest software iterations in nearly complete control. Earlier versions account for just 3% of phones and tablets.

The rate of growth has almost slowed down to a stop now, being 86% back in June, but there will be little reasons to complain, especially given the dire situation elsewhere.

Android Fragmentation

According to last month’s Android distribution figures, Android’s latest version, Nougat, has found its way to a mere 11.5% of all phones. This is despite Google’s struggles to keep its promise of an 18-months’ worth guaranteed software updates.

It is not even in the top three among software versions out in the market, with Marshmallow, Lollipop and KitKat having shares of 31.8%, 31.1% and 17.1% market share as of last month.

With Android “O” just around the corner, it seems hopeless to wish for a turnaround in this series of events, especially with Marshmallow, Lollipop and KitKat all sitting at much higher levels of penetration. At least, the clunky era of Gingerbread is firmly behind us, now, even if traces are still found in the wild.

Support for Older Devices is Key

iOS 10 is supported on phones dating all the way back to 2012’s iPhone 5, Apple’s first dabble at creating a large-screen iPhone (which frankly seems decades ago at this point). The 4th-gen iPad, 5th-gen iPod Touch and original iPad Air all support the operating system, which is a testament to the regularity of support and updates provided in the ecosystem.

  • Andriod Updates Nahi Ata : Google Play Ko Chahyeh K Apps Launch Kare & Apna Andriod Changed into 7.0 Kare (System Updates Par Just EMUI Etc Updates hota hai)
    Lumia Ne Yahi Kiya tha : Windows 8 Ko Win 10 Main Apps K Zaryeh Install Kar Diya Device Pe :

  • IOS repeatedly ask you to install new version by downloading the update without any confirmation and notification just like windows 10 does, whereas on Android it is totally your choice to update or not.

    • Uh… no. You grossly oversimplified it. With the threats and vulnerabilities in the mobile operating systems today, it’s simply foolhardy to choose to not update when there is an update available for your phone. Secondly, iOS downloads the update when connected to a wifi and a charger, but it doesn’t force you to automatically update the iOS unless you tell it to by entering your passcode.

      Android manufacturers only update their devices for 2 years max, there are a handful of Android phones that ever got updated past 2 years, most of them are from HTC. On the other hand the shortest software support lifespan that an iOS device has ever had was 2 years for iPad 1; usually Apple devices get updates for 4 years after their release date (iPad 2 received updates for 5).

      • Apple users have already paid price for 4 years update whereas Android in actual is free of cost.
        Personally, my Xperia Z3+ has been upgraded to Android 7.1.1 by manufacturer but I am still on Android 6.0.1 since xposed framework is not yet upgraded for next versions.

      • u also accepted that IOS downloads the update without permission of the user. I also said that. and if the user doesn’t want to update then why there is no option to disable the upgrade. Just like me, my phone keep sucking internet on regular basis.

  • What a Fool Logic and Fazool Title of iOS Adoption
    OOh Bhai iPhone me set kitny only 2 ya 3
    Aur rahi baat Android ki Still Apps working hain Android ICS 4.0
    Aur rahi baat Android Updates ki to wo Apple ki trha khud ni deta
    Thousands of Devices Running on Android are dependent on Manufacturer

    And Android is Already have 85% Market share which is a Shame for Apple


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  • 如果两家公司保持相同的功能,那么谁是Compititor?无论如何,上校上校对所有人都是免费的。没有IOS
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