Punjab Police Launch an Intelligence Sharing Wing

Punjab police has taken a new initiative in the field of intelligence gathering by setting up Triple One Intelligence wing.

The new wing is expected to revive community policing tradition. Punjab Police isn’t well known in this regard as several cases each year are closed without reaching any conclusion.

This new department was inaugurated by Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Amin Wains at his office.

About Triple One

The Triple One system consists of a software application that works with Android-powered mobile devices. Every month, all police officials will be bound to share information regarding terrorists or those indulging in anti-social activities through this app.

CCPO Amin Wains, while divulging details of the project, said that this app will be helpful for gathering invaluable intelligence for the police and will provide the much-needed impetus to community policing activities.

He was of the view that war against terror can’t be won without involving public in the process. He said this application will be a convenient way for police officials as well as common people to share information with police leadership.

It is indeed true that incorporating social technologies can help improve efficiency and organization. Punjab Police has been lagging behind in this sector compared to other police departments. Use of technology might help Punjab Police improve its public image and ensure transparency while improving productivity.