Facebook Adds a Permanent Page for Safety Check

In light of increasing terrorist attacks and natural catastrophes occurring around the world, Facebook has made a permanent page for Safety Check so you can let everyone know that you are safe.

What’s New?

Previously you could only use this feature and mark yourself safe if you were first asked by Facebook. The feature is triggered based on people posting about it publicly on their walls however there was no way to check on multiple disasters or catastrophes at the same time.

The page is a bit uncanny in that it shows you a “newsfeed” of disasters occurring around the world with people marking themselves safe. It’s still very useful as it can convey that you’re safe to all your friends at the same time. It also lets you “explore” disasters around the world which is a bit unsettling.

Facebook have introduced an option to make donations and offer help in case of an unfortunate event making it a hub where people in need of assistance can ask for help.

The app is no doubt very useful but not perfect as yet. At times, it can be activated without any real emergency and stress out your friends and family.

Locating the Safety Check Feed

Even though they’ve made a separate page for it, the feature is still hidden away between several  other forgotten features of Facebook.

To find the feature on the mobile app you have to open the menu on the far right scroll all the way down and there you will find it with many other Facebook features.

You’ll be able find it easily if a disaster occurs in your vicinity. Safety Check page update will be released some time next week for Android and iOS apps.

via TheVerge

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