Safe Drinking Water Projects Completed By PCRWR

Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) completed 25 projects related to safe drinking and ground water resources in different parts of the country.

The first project was `Provision of Safe Drinking Water which was completed with the initial allocation of Rs. 1413.350 million.

Water Quality Monitoring in Rural Areas of Pakistan and Installation of Low Cost Water Conditioning and Filtration Units (Phase-II) finished costing an amount of Rs. 39.655 million.

According to official, the next project is rainwater Harvesting and Desertification Control in the Kharan-Chagai Desert of Balochistan completed, costing an amount of Rs. 37.371 million.

Combating Drought and Desertification in the Thar Desert by Management of Water Resources was also completed with total cost of Rs. 35.530 million, he informed.

Enhancement and Management of Groundwater Resources in Balochistan was also completed with the cost of Rs. 38.680 million.

Mass Awareness for Water Conservation and Development project was 154.450 completed, finished with the total budget of Rs. 113.310 million, he further informed.

Integrated Land and Water Management Studies for Agriculture Development in Pothwar Region was also accomplished costing an amount of Rs. 33.900 million.

Strengthening of WRRC Peshawar for Undertaking Research in Water Resources Management was also finished utilizing money or Rs. 37.640 million.

Water Quality Monitoring in Rural Areas of Pakistan and Installation of Low Cost Water Conditioning and Filtration Units costing Rs. 38.710 million.

Participatory National Integrated Water Management Programme earmarked Rs. 177.210 million till completion.

Improved Water Conservation Practices for NWFP and Northern Areas of Pakistan costing an amount of Rs. 39.900 million.

Sustainable Technologies for Efficient Water Management in Irrigated Areas of Southern Indus Plain utilized Rs. 38.570 million while the Mitigation of Desertification for Poverty Alleviation by Integrated Management of Land and Water Resources in Cholistan costing Rs. 34.440 million.

Result Oriented Short Term Research Studies to Improve Water Resources of Mountainous Areas project was completed with
expenditure of Rs. 28.010 million.

Integrated Development and Management of Water Resources in Water Scarce Areas costing Rs. 33.480 million.

Research Studies for Sustainable Management of Water Resources in the Upper Indus Plain utilized Rs. 24.080 million whereas the Arsenic Monitoring and Mitigation in Pakistan utilizing Rs. 35.800 million.

Demarcation of Groundwater Quality Zones in Indus Plain and its Marginal Areas for Sustainable Development and Management of Groundwater Phase-I (Upper Indus Plain) was accomplished with Rs. 36.515 million.

Strengthening of PCRWR by Establishing GIS and Hydrologic Modeling Centre and Water Resources Databank was finished with the amount of Rs. 34.460 million.

Strengthening of PCRWR’s Regional Office, Lahore for Undertaking Research on Irrigated Agriculture was completed with Rs. 30.739 million.

Impact Assessment of Sewerage and Industrial Effluents on Human Health, Water Resources and Agriculture Productivity in Faisalabad costing Rs. 7.800 million.

National Water Quality Monitoring Programme was finished with the funding of Rs. 39.660 million.

Up-Gradation of WRRC Quetta to Undertake Rejuvenation of Depleting Aquifers and Propagation of High Efficiency Irrigation System in Balochistan utilized an amount of Rs. 38.288 million.

Mitigation of Drought Disaster in the Cholistan Desert by Management of Water Resources was finished with the allocation of Rs. 152.501 million.

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