You Can Now Upload Videos at LinkedIn

Video has become an integral tool for social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. They serve as one of the most popular means of engagement for their users.

The social networks are also using it to steal audiences and advertisements that could typically opt for content from traditional television broadcasters. Snapchat understood the importance of the video uploads and included it in its app from day one.

Seeing the popularity of videos online, LinkedIn has now also decided to join the party and introduce video uploads. They launched the new feature recently which will allow all the users to upload their videos to the site.

The LinkedIn mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms support video upload as well.

How it Works

You can now upload pictures related to your profession or any product at LinkedIn. This will particularly be useful for people who don’t know where to start their profile from.

They can simply make a video which shows their expertise and upload it. It will help the users in highlighting their skills in a more interactive way.

Earlier this year LinkedIn tested the waters with a limited release of the same feature. It turned out to be very successful and did what LinkedIn hoped it would do. The videos were shared 20 times compared with anything else.

Not Surprised

The users have wanted this feature for a long time but are not surprised that the social networking site took this long. LinkedIn has rolled out new features rather slowly, when compared to other social media networks. They were also late in introducing their app.

According to a LinkedIn spokesperson,

We have been focused on expanding the ways members can create and share professional content. As we did with the ability to publish, we wanted to take a thoughtful approach to introduce video creation to the LinkedIn platform in a way that it adds to the consumption experience, and fits seamlessly with how our members post, share and discover.

The feature is now out in the market and it would be interesting to see how they move the app forward.

Earlier this year, the product manager of Facebook Live, Peter Royabal was poached by LinkedIn. He now overlooks all the content of LinkedIn and publishing.

Live Video Coming Soon

LinkedIn plans to introducing Live Video streams soon as well. This will be particularly useful as it complements the purpose of LinkedIn, which is developing platforms for education, company profiles and networking between the professionals.

You ca download LinkedIn for iOS and Android.

Via Techcrunch