Modern Blood Donation Center to Open in Islamabad Next Year

Pakistan has been left behind in the field of healthcare for a long time. There is however, a lot of room for improvement.

In order to facilitate the healthcare needs of the residents in Islamabad, a modern regional blood transfusion center is scheduled to opened in the city by next year.

Who is funding the project?

The project is being co funded by the government of Pakistan and Germany. It is being built on the Islamabad capital territory. Funding for project was provided by Germany last year –  a grant of Rs. 50 million.

Work on the project will start on the land provided by the government.

An amount of Rs 25 million has been released as reported by the sources involved.

What is the purpose of this center?

The lab will:

  • recruit, mobilize and retain all the voluntary blood donors
  • conduct blood donations,
  • conduct processing,  screening, testing, component preparation
  • serve as a storage of blood.

All hospitals based in Islamabad are going to be able to use this facility. They plan to make the institution a patient-oriented unit that serves the function of storage, distribution, compatibility testing and haemovigilance.

Other facilities the center has to offer

It is also going to help with associative technical work. It could help in promotion of voluntary blood donations.

Other things the facility aims to do is capacity building, curriculum development, strengthening of regulatory system, development of management information system, development of operational documents (sops, manuals, guidelines, functional briefs etc.), promotion of quality assurance systems, review of legislation, advocacy etc.

via Express tribune

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