PSA: Medical Students Should Verify College Status Before Taking Admission!

As the deadline for taking admissions in Medical colleges approaches, students are advised by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) to verify the colleges they seek admission to.

The Council warns the students

The council warned the students that it would not be responsible for any adversity in their career in case the student enrolls into an unrecognized medical or dental institution that is not affiliated with the PMDC.

Acting Registrar PMDC, Dr.Syed Azhar Ali Shah, said in his statement on Wednesday, no medical or dental institution is allowed to train students who are not registered with the PMDC.

He further added that the institutions should follow seat allocation as announced by the council and PMDC shall take strict actions against any institution that does not abide by its rules.

Students who may have graduated from a medical or dental institution but lack registration from PMDC shall not be allowed to practice medicine or dentistry.

“The council will not register over admitted students, as every year it becomes an issue that colleges admit more students compared to their limit. Even graduates without student registration with the PMDC will not be registered as medical/dental practitioners,” he said.

Check PMDC Website for Updated List of Recognized Institutions

The PMDC website provides a list of recognized medical and dental institutions; however every year students get registered into unrecognized institutions and thus do not get registered with the council. They then blame the council for not guiding them when they needed to be.

The council advised the students to check the list provided on their website to avoid any discrepancies.

Dr Shabbir Lehri , president of the PMDC announced that anyone who has an issue with their regulations may come forward and contact him or the council via helpline or via email.

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