4 Phones That Offer Better Value Than the iPhone X

If you’re feeling a bit let down by the Apple iPhone X, you aren’t the only one. Amidst hype about the 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone, Apple delivered a phone that isn’t ‘pushing the industry forward’ as they claimed. Rather, it’s catching up to competition at best.

Its edge-to-edge display? Xiaomi did it a year ago (it’s not curved either like the latest gen Samsung phones). Wireless charging? It’s been in Android phones for ages and its utility is questionable compared to super fast charging. Animated emojis? Well if that’s a USP for a ‘landmark’ phone, I’d rather not comment. Other potential issues include the ugly black bar on top which apps will have to work around and the camera bulge Steve Jobs would have flipped over.

For a staggering starting price of $1000, which will be higher in countries other than US, its value is questionable. So the question becomes ‘What phone should you buy instead?’. That’s what we’re going to be talking about today.

LG V30

This is probably my favorite phone from 2017. The LG V30 is one of those rare phones with no notable omissions in terms of features. Everything great about the iPhone X display is present in the LG V30. It’s OLED, edge-to-edge, HDR10 compliant but features even higher resolution. Furthermore, its military grade certification means the screen is the most durable one out there.

Where the V30 stands out is with its multimedia capabilities. The camera is packed with features and controls to make shooting photos and videos on the V30 an unparalleled experience. It features the lowest aperture ever seen on a smartphone, wide angle dual lens and unmatched HDR capabilities alongside manual controls that even an average person can use.

In addition, audio ability is class leading with QuadDACs and AOP mics. If you’re going to be shooting a lot of video, there is no better phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8+

While the Note 8 is the more recent flagship, the price for the S8+ has come down significantly in the past six months. Hence, it gets the nod. You can get it in the market for as low as Rs. 87,000 with warranty and cheaper without warranty.  Compared to the iPhone X, you get a larger and higher resolution 6.2 inch display which is curved. On other features, expect both phones to compare favorably. It’s a stellar device that feels luxurious in the hand and this year, it feels like the better purchase.

Mi Mix 2

The successor to the only phone that made us go ‘wow’ last year is here and it’s even better. Xiaomi has focused on making the Mix 2 more usable than its predecessor and it shows in its footprint and feel. The Mi Mix 2 has a 5.99 inch screen, 8GB of RAM and comes with all the goodies you expect from a modern flagship.

Its starting price is Rs. 53,000 which is half of that of the iPhone X. Its top end model also features a unique unibody all-ceramic build while the other variants include aluminum on the sides just like the iPhone X. If edge-to-edge display is your primary motivation, Mi Mix 2 should absolutely be on your shortlist.

Mi 6

Xiaomi has always been the king of value and it’s continuing the tradition with the Mi 6. You can get it for Rs. 47,000 in Pakistan without giving up on any major feature except the bezel-less screen. In return, you get a compact flagship that skips out on nothing and delivers excellent performance. It features a 5.15 inch display (not edge-to-edge) and choice between a metal and a ceramic build. If you have a limited budget and are okay with smaller phones, the Mi 6 is an excellent option.

Honorable Mentions

The Sony XZ Premium might have the best display out of any of the phones mentioned in this list. While many manufacturers choose to go for punchy colors that look better, the XZ Premium focuses on color accuracy. It features a 5.46 inch display with an eye popping 806 pixels per inch. Its camera is stellar and it has intriguing features like 960fps slow motion video. Where it lags behind is design and battery capacity.

The Huawei P10 offers better value for money compared to the P10 Plus and is a very capable smartphone. It has a 5.1 inch display and the dual camera setup features Leica optics, which are simply great for shooting photos. Huawei has done a stellar job with its phones as of late and P10 is a good purchase at Rs. 55,000.

Talal is the Editor in Chief at ProPakistani.

  • Mi Max 2 Acha Hai Ya MI 6 ??? Ya Kun Sa Mobile Behtar Rahega :
    Range 35 to 50

    • Hunaid Shabbir

      Mi6 bhai..

    • Gulfam Mustafa

      I am using Mi 6. It’s good except camera quality.

      • Camera Quality K Bagair Mobile Mobile Nahi Lagta Phir : Banda 40 Expense Kare Aur Better CAMERA Bhi Na Ho

    • faithful

      One plus 3T is best…. Oreo is in closed beta. Open beta will be available near the end of September. Just go for it… Mi 6 not having headphones jack which is deal breaker and no oreo update in 2017 for sure. Max 2 is midrange too heavy for high usage.

      • faithful

        Price to performance ratio 3T is best u can get one for 35 with good condition in used

        • Muhammad Sarmad Saleem

          FROM where in Pakistan ?

          • faithful

            Lahore karachi

  • Spider

    hahah how this is justifiable for them who rely on iOS. It is about the user experience of the device with iOS not just the hardware. Whereas OS is matter of choice here. Stop bitching.

    • Ahmad

      They cant even understand your point :) because the thinking of people here is. phone hay yar, camera is main bi hay. That’t it. iOS user can understand what a power it is.

      • Anonymous

        I switched to iPhone 6s from Huawei Mate S… Got sick n tired of the iOS. Changed back to android after 3 months of torture… iOS has much less capabilities and it limited my day to day activities. If you want to compare it with android, buy an android Flagship from a good company only then u’ll know what a crap iOS is.

  • Najeeb

    Curved screen is not a special feature, but rather a personal choice.
    I would have picked S8 if it had not a curved screen.

  • Sharif Cheema

    Not even close to iphone X,they don’t have (Face ID,3D touch,AR) and most important Snapdragon 835 not beat A11 Bionic chip!

    • Ali Hasan

      Face ID? This is how Apple make you fool :D
      Android has face unlock for a long time dude.
      Fade ID term is to fool people like you just like they did by using Retina Display term :v

      • Mafooq Ahmad

        Dude you need to think again :D

        • Ali Hasan

          Okay bhai… Apple fans ko kn smjha skta hai :D
          Lge raho bhai… Pr sch to sch he hai, Apple 6 saal purane features chori kr k kehta hai we invented, technology, blah blah

          • Ahmad

            Well. you are comparing Suzuki with BMW here

    • mysteryjeans

      Samsung has IRIS scanner for face unlock, silent long press for apps context menu and VR (not AR) long time a ago.. wakeup apple is catching up

      • faithful

        AR for s8 is around the corner Google released all the details Google it

    • faithful

      Bro Google releases AR of its own without even hardware specific… Just 7.0 is needed.. It’s available before iPhone 8 hit launch date

  • Armaghan

    apple can not beat samsung by looks after steve jobs… but still iphone software compatibility with hardware is so good that no android can beat… thats why i cant switch to android :(
    using iphone for almost 7 or 8 years but still i love S7 edge, S8 note 8

    • Ali Hasan

      Use real Android, you won’t say this… Don’t go for shamesung or any other using their own shity skins…. Go for Pixel devices… You won’t say this.

    • faithful

      I love s8 but one plus phones are so buttery smooth am astonished…

      Unable to add pic here?

  • Gulfam Mustafa

    I replaced my iPhone 7 with Mi 6 but it’s camera quality, especially in low light, is not as good as described by the company.

    • Ahmad

      you have no life brother

    • Anonymous

      A bad choice… should have bought a better android phone. Mi6 is fine but not comparable with iPhone 7.

  • um3r

    hahahhahhahahahahahah plz die yar


    what kind of a moron are you? You didn’t even mention Face ID..
    Which of the phones you mentioned have that feature?
    Provide a proper comparison with benchmarks otherwise keep your opinion to yourself..

    • Ali Hasan

      Android has face unlock for a long time, I think Apple fans live in 2009 :D

      • Ali Hasan

        Face unlock since Jelly bean ( at least )….. Lol, wake up THAKKAR OS and hardware lovers :v

        • SILENCE

          Android Face Unlock can’t even detect faces when you wear a hat.. :)) and it’s pretty easy to by-pass their security..
          Wait a few weeks and than you can compare it with your precious Android and it’s Face unlock…

          • Muhammad Abrar Ali

            Hahahahaha Moo py kaprra rakh iPhone ko kehna unlock kr k dekhay

            Rs 1000k is just a bullshit for a Crapy Hardware

            Stop making Yourself Fools Live in real Life

            Fan Boys

    • FuriousNinja

      So the only thing you can use to justify the 1000$ price tag is face ID? Meh.

      • SILENCE

        It is something that can be easily understood by common people… I doubt many of you would know much about Augmented Reality… So I didn’t touch that.. :)
        Regardless price is not the concern here as I am simply disagreeing with the OP’s assumption that Android phones can provide all the features along with the quality that iPhone X and Apple can provide…

  • Atif

    Ok i dislike fan boys /girls for any side, why because i have personality that doesn’t get impressed by fake ideas, glamorous titbits, etc. What i see here is way beyond fanboyism from both sides.

    1 apple never invent things they only buy or adopt tech.
    2 they mold that tech to perfection for apple user’s
    3 they are always few years behind the tech for that reason.

    I have just one BIG problem with apple and its user’s.. Apple lies in your face and You (users) are not the best in the world rather you are a CULT in huge amazing numbers.

    Now What iphone 10 will do is beyond what apple user’s can think.

    1 face unlock was here since ages but new iPhone has some nifty hardware behind this tech, what it will do… Simply make other oem to work in this field more to perfect this tech in Android.

    2 wireless charging, now first time apple didn’t mold the tech for apple only, they adopt the same tech every other phone uses, why simple, you’ll see way more better wireless pads now in market and public places.

    3 AR… Meah! Google doing it since last year project tango and Asus have phones for this. What it will do is because of the mass numbers of this CULT developing will be faster.

    In short sometimes it’s not about who did it first or better, instead who is capable to make it go wow world-wide and thats Apple SIMPLE.

    PS iPhone X is just a edition of apple phone’s to show what apple actually can do in future, its a test product that may or may not see any future advancements in this shape ( remember those curved screen phones) its only to show the big bosses what a company can do to get support.

  • Ahmad

    This is very funny article by Syed Talal. the world is stupid for comparing the products which are actually not comparable. Samsung and other android phone companies are just making the device. borrowing processor from intel, borrowing ram from other companies, borrowing software from google, borrowing LEDs from other OEM companies. and you guys are comparing with Apple who is making everything its own. iPhone is the product Apple can claim that they have made it and they own it. but other companies cant.

    People are funny here. they are saying FaceID was invented by samsung. Come on… do you mean Suzuki is providing seats in car before audi?? Did you try the quality of seating and its comfort in Audi? LOL

    • Fawad

      Bro get your facts updated, apple is also doing the same :p asking samsung for chipsets! bro plz yar esi chussen na mara kro ;p

      • Ahmad

        Sir ap great hain. ap hi logo ko muft main tension lagi hui hay. bhai apko nai pasand na lo. lar to asay rahay ho jasay Apple sahab nay seeeti mar ker chaira ho apko LOL

        • Usama Anwar

          Sir agar apko Apple pasand hai tu bs thk hai aap lo…jn ko nhi pasand un se avn kyun argue kr rhe ho

    • Qaisar Nadeem

      @disqus_9KEJpaEUdD:disqus can you please tell others from where apple bought OLED which they bragged about? It’s Samsung.
      I don’t understand why there is so much fuzz out there while Samsung and Apple don’t have any issue sharing their tech.
      Best comment in this whole thread is of @Atifsh:disqus that Apple is best at marketing a tech then inventing a tech and focus more on perfection rather then new invention.

    • Ali

      Apple iphone series ki lcd aur batteries lg se buy krta hai or oled panel iphone x samsumg se purchase krta hai processor ki modem qualcomm ki use krta hai camera image sensor sony ka use krta hai storage sandisk ki use krta hai aur pata nh kia kia product other company ki use krta hai.

    • Arsalan Shah

      Um. Honestly, I’m an iPhone user since 5 years. 5S, then 6S Plus, and now 7 Plus. But some of your claims are wrong, just simply wrong. And being a fan boy is one thing, distorting facts is an entirely different thing.

      Apple iPhone X’s SOLE supplier of OLED Screen is Samsung, LOL. You just wrote earlier that borrowing LEDs from other OEM companies. Guess what! Apple is buying OLED displays from Samsung for their iPhone X.

      Samsung designs OLED and has been using sAMOLED in their mobiles since a very long time, their screen quality even in mid-range devices such as J7 is astonishing.

      Samsung has been making their own chipsets Exynos, and Huawei does the same named HiSilicon.

      Samsung has been using so many features which no one told them to, such as wireless charging, fast charging, iris scanner, heart rate sensor, which they haven’t taken from google, and they are pretty nice. They change the design of their mobiles every year, and they are quite innovative. Yes, they borrow their OS from Google, but their skin is unique. Same as Xiaomi (Yes, which is a cheap chinese brand, but from all Android Skins I love MIUI the most due to their innovation and so many features such as built in second space and dual apps)

      Now lets talk a few facts about Apple.

      They update their design every two years, which sucks. They reveal their phones every year with a few new features, and we have to wait to buy the “S” model as the normal ones aren’t that worthy of an investment.

      Apple uses O-LEDs from Samsung, PowerVR GPUs, NOT designed by Apple, purchased from another OEM company. The camera Apple uses is usually a SONY Image Sensor, designed and sold buy SONY, which Apple purchases from them.

      Apple iPhone doesn’t make everything, they design their iPhone every two years. Out of 19 iPhones that Apple have released so far (including Pluses and 5C), it only “designed” 10 iPhones, the rest of the iPhones have been copied from the last year ones (3GS, 4S, 5S, SE, 6S&+, 8&+) with a few additional features. 8 Copies, and you call that innovation of Audi? Audi should go in shame. Yes, Mehran and Corolla are perfect cars, and they also introduce new features every year! And YES, people buy Mehran and Corolla in Pakistan, and YES people buy iPhones all over the world. Apple is like Pak Suzuki Mehran or Paki Toyota Corolla of America using same design and shape in new models for several years xD and guess what? People keep on buying Mehran/Corolla and iPhones, even if there is lack of any innovation or design!

      Turns out, apart from the software, Apple doesn’t make EVERYTHING on it’s own, and uses GPU, LED & CAMERA from other OEM companies.

      I’m really habitual of iOS and 128GB storage, hence have been stuck to Apple, but I have every intention to move over to Note 8, if I’m able to get a 256GB version.

      Yes, Apple is Audi or BMW. But Samsung has also seems to be nothing less than Mercedes, and there certainly is class, comparability, and competition between BMW and Mercedes.

  • Ahmad

    Syed Talal… Please return that money to Chinese phones marketers you took to write this article. hahaahha