4 Phones That Offer Better Value Than the iPhone X

If you’re feeling a bit let down by the Apple iPhone X, you aren’t the only one. Amidst hype about the 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone, Apple delivered a phone that isn’t ‘pushing the industry forward’ as they claimed. Rather, it’s catching up to competition at best.

Its edge-to-edge display? Xiaomi did it a year ago (it’s not curved either like the latest gen Samsung phones). Wireless charging? It’s been in Android phones for ages and its utility is questionable compared to super fast charging. Animated emojis? Well if that’s a USP for a ‘landmark’ phone, I’d rather not comment. Other potential issues include the ugly black bar on top which apps will have to work around and the camera bulge Steve Jobs would have flipped over.

For a staggering starting price of $1000, which will be higher in countries other than US, its value is questionable. So the question becomes ‘What phone should you buy instead?’. That’s what we’re going to be talking about today.

LG V30

This is probably my favorite phone from 2017. The LG V30 is one of those rare phones with no notable omissions in terms of features. Everything great about the iPhone X display is present in the LG V30. It’s OLED, edge-to-edge, HDR10 compliant but features even higher resolution. Furthermore, its military grade certification means the screen is the most durable one out there.

Where the V30 stands out is with its multimedia capabilities. The camera is packed with features and controls to make shooting photos and videos on the V30 an unparalleled experience. It features the lowest aperture ever seen on a smartphone, wide angle dual lens and unmatched HDR capabilities alongside manual controls that even an average person can use.

In addition, audio ability is class leading with QuadDACs and AOP mics. If you’re going to be shooting a lot of video, there is no better phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8+

While the Note 8 is the more recent flagship, the price for the S8+ has come down significantly in the past six months. Hence, it gets the nod. You can get it in the market for as low as Rs. 87,000 with warranty and cheaper without warranty.  Compared to the iPhone X, you get a larger and higher resolution 6.2 inch display which is curved. On other features, expect both phones to compare favorably. It’s a stellar device that feels luxurious in the hand and this year, it feels like the better purchase.

Mi Mix 2

The successor to the only phone that made us go ‘wow’ last year is here and it’s even better. Xiaomi has focused on making the Mix 2 more usable than its predecessor and it shows in its footprint and feel. The Mi Mix 2 has a 5.99 inch screen, 8GB of RAM and comes with all the goodies you expect from a modern flagship.

Its starting price is Rs. 53,000 which is half of that of the iPhone X. Its top end model also features a unique unibody all-ceramic build while the other variants include aluminum on the sides just like the iPhone X. If edge-to-edge display is your primary motivation, Mi Mix 2 should absolutely be on your shortlist.

Mi 6

Xiaomi has always been the king of value and it’s continuing the tradition with the Mi 6. You can get it for Rs. 47,000 in Pakistan without giving up on any major feature except the bezel-less screen. In return, you get a compact flagship that skips out on nothing and delivers excellent performance. It features a 5.15 inch display (not edge-to-edge) and choice between a metal and a ceramic build. If you have a limited budget and are okay with smaller phones, the Mi 6 is an excellent option.

Honorable Mentions

The Sony XZ Premium might have the best display out of any of the phones mentioned in this list. While many manufacturers choose to go for punchy colors that look better, the XZ Premium focuses on color accuracy. It features a 5.46 inch display with an eye popping 806 pixels per inch. Its camera is stellar and it has intriguing features like 960fps slow motion video. Where it lags behind is design and battery capacity.

The Huawei P10 offers better value for money compared to the P10 Plus and is a very capable smartphone. It has a 5.1 inch display and the dual camera setup features Leica optics, which are simply great for shooting photos. Huawei has done a stellar job with its phones as of late and P10 is a good purchase at Rs. 55,000.

Talal is the Editor in Chief at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]