70 Million Daily Users Posted Stories on ‘Facebook’s Messenger Day’

Do you use Facebook Messenger’s ‘Stories’ feature? A lot of people we know don’t. But surprise! Facebook just revealed that  Messenger’s Stories feature is being used by 700 million users daily!

In March 2017, Facebook launched a new feature known as Stories as part of ‘Facebook’s Messenger Day.’ The Stories feature enabled the users to post ‘stories’ just like on Snapchat. Since then, it has been found that a very large number of people are utilizing that feature.

According to Facebook, around 70 million users post stories on Facebook’s ‘Messenger Day’ on a daily basis.

After the launch of this new feature, it was assumed that very few people will actually use it. But it gradually attracted users from all over the globe and now so many people are addicted to it.

Moreover, for better and convenient usage, this feature is not only available on Messenger but also on Facebook’s mobile apps along with Stories from Instagram.

But the company is aware of the fact that their ‘Stories’ feature is not much successful as compared to Instagram’s, WhatsApp’s and Snapchat’s ‘Stories feature’.

Source: TechCrunch

Although 70 million is a very huge figure, Facebook has still not being able to defeat its competitors. Instagram Stories attracted 100 million users in just 2 months whereas WhatsApp was able to gather 175 million users in 10 weeks only. Both of them have about 250 million daily users now.