PIA Fights Back Against Claims That Its Staff Were Refused Entry in UK Hotels

PIA’s spokesman Mashhood Tajwar has strongly denied a news story appearing in a section of media that a hotel in UK has denied accommodation to PIA on any pretext.

He says that the purpose behind the story was to malign PIA. He added that the airline has contracts with leading hotels in UK and continues to acquire services of these fine hotels.

‘The story is totally baseless. PIA clarifies the news story for the information of readers. PIA has hotel service agreement with a fine hotel in Birmingham since September 2017 and continues to use their services to the satisfaction of both parties.

However, PIA had a temporary arrangement with another hotel in Birmingham for three months prior to September 2017. The airline has hotel arrangements with very fine renowned hotels in UK and around the World.’ – PIA Spokeperson

The fact is that the Hotel which PIA was utilizing before June 2017, had to close their operations in Birmingham. This is why PIA had to look for another hotel for the stay of its cabin crew.

‘However, to accommodate our cabin crew, PIA acquired services of a Hotel for only three months June-Aug before going for a formal agreement with a new world-renowned hotel as per the Airline’s requirements. To date, PIA is continuing the services of this fine hotel on a long term basis,’ Mr. Tajwar added.

‘It is also very interesting to note that in case PIA had a bad experience as stated in the news; how come a better hotel signed an agreement with PIA? That is a point to ponder.’

The PIA spokesman said that there was no issue of leaving any hotel upon their refusal as portrayed in news and especially in social media.

As far as the issue of misbehavior of male crew is concerned in the story, the same is also baseless.

‘No PIA Cabin Crew is involved in any such practices. Even a thorough inquiry was carried out by PIA which declared the Cabin crew was not guilty. The airline has hotel arrangements with renowned hotels not only in UK but also from around the world. The national air carrier continues to utilize their services,’ Mr. Tajwar stated.

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